Sep 15, 2021

Chaz and Vinnie's Sex Adventure (1992)


A cheap straight-to-video and pay-per-view movie about a couple guys chronicling hot babes in Palm Springs. It begins: "Hi. My name is Vinnie. It was spring break. My roommate Chaz and I were attending the Southern California Film Institute. Our first project: Palm Springs, spring break!"

So, Chaz and Vinnie document the partying at Pompei's Nightclub in Palm Springs, and we get a fun look at drunk nineties girls. Ah, the memories.... not that I was partying in Palm Springs in '92, but still.

Lots of "woo-hoo!" and "rock on!" shouts from the crowd.

At several points, people randomly pull up girls' dresses.  So, it's got that going for it.

This may be the greatest thing I've ever seen on film. This girl puts her Miller Lit in her bra and leans back, chugging the whole bottle.

I'm impressed.

Vinnie interviews three actresses at the club. First is Tonya Lawson

And Lisa Comshaw.  Amy and Lisa are drunk off their ass.

Chaz and Vinnie film Tonya and Amy washing a car.

Amy and Lisa sunbathe butt naked.

Time for the bikini contest at Pompei's.

The first contestant is Leilani from Hawaii

This is actually hilarious.  The camera zooms in on Leilani's grundle - and the film suddenly has that static from being paused too often.  This would always happen on VHS tapes you rented; whenever there was a nude scene, the tape would become distorted from the legions of horny guys who tapped that pause button.

Tawny from Dallas

We get an odd photoshoot of Tawny before moving on to the next girl.

Halle strips off her nurse costume.

Chaz and Vinnie just say stupid shit like "Rooma zoom!" throughout the competition. Annoyingly awful narration.

Ha ha!  The celebrity judge is none other than Todd Bridges!  I love his level of focus.  He stares at Halle and barely blinks.

Todd takes his judge duties seriously, observing the contestant closely.

Chrissy from Malibu

A super-brief interlude of Chrissy walking around wearing just small strips of cloth.

Amy Rochelle gives it a go.

Finally the judges make their decision... and we never learn who wins!

There are clips of Becky Mullen throughout this entire film.  But she never gets naked, and seems rather pointless.

So, we leave Pompei's.  Chaz and Vinnie (who we never actually see) have put out an ad for a movie audition. Two girls arrive...

The actress wannabes are Stephanie and a brunette whose name is never mentioned.  

The actresses chillax naked by the pool.

Another actress named Heather (Brittany McCrena) auditions.

Heather models on the bed.

Yet another actress shows up for the audition.

Ginger (? actress)

Ginger gets naked and pours honey on herself.

Tracy Dali shows up briefly bouncing in the hot tub.

We return to Stephanie.

Stephanie gets out of the hot tub to roll around in front of the fireplace.

Stephanie joins Ginger in the tub.


This end credit should give you an idea of the budget we're dealing with here.

Yeah, it's hardly a movie.  But you get such a fun slice of life with the partying nineties girls in Palm Springs. Also, Lisa Comshaw hammered drunk and Todd Bridges demonstrating laser focus. It's a good time.


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