Sep 19, 2021

Cannibal Terror (1981)


The French get in on the cannibal film gravy train with a story about kidnappers who tread too deeply into the jungle.

Three no-good criminals: Mario (Antonio Mayans), Roberto (Antoine Fontaine) and Lina (Mariam Camacho).

Lina has helped to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy family.

Mrs. Danville (Silvia Solar), the mother of the kidnapped girl.

Mr. Danville (Olivier Mathot) is informed of his daughter's abduction.

Flaurence Danville (Annabelle) is brought to the middle of nowhere by the criminals.

This woman serves as their transport.

But when her jeep breaks down, the cannibals get her.

She's carried to the cannibal camp and eaten.

The next ten minutes are literally just cannibals gorging on guts.

The kidnappers hide out in the home of a friend. They are delighted to meet his hot wife, Manuela (Pamela Stanford).

Mario hides and watches Manuala take a bath.

Mario can take it no longer.  He ties up Manuela and rapes her.

Manuela's husband finds what's been done to her.

Lina makes out with a local boy.

Then they all have a fiesta.  Even Manuela gets in on the celebration.

A bit odd that she'd be so jovial.  Perhaps this is all a plot.

She even strips; that's dedication to the performance.

Her husband just chills, and waits for the right moment.

He holds Mario at gunpoint and ties him to a tree in the middle of the jungle where he's devoured by cannibals.

The Danvilles come searching for their daughter.

Roberto and Lina flee deeper into the jungle with Flaurence.

Not an exaggeration to say the next 15 minutes are nothing but walking through the jungle.  Of course this was filmed in Spain so "jungle" is perhaps not the right word.

The criminals are followed close behind by the Danvilles.

As well as Manuela and her husband.

Roberto and Lina are captured by the cannibals.

They're tied to trees and eaten.

Manuela and crew storm the camp.

The Danvilles are reunited with their daughter. THE END

This is considered one of the worst entries into the cannibal movie craze of the period.  The filmmakers were ashamed of the film, and it caused friction between the directors, producer, and even Jesús Franco who claimed no involvement (although there are a good number of overlaps in this film and his Mondo cannibale).  While it is atrocious, there's still some entertainment value to be had. It would've been nice if it was actually set in a jungle, instead of the Spanish countryside - that really takes away from the effect and any shred of believability. The nudity is woefully spares, and the last quarter of the film features almost no dialog (with just trudging through the "jungle" and the subsequent gut munching). 


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