Sep 19, 2021

Cannibal Hookers (1987)


There were a ton of cheap SOV sexy horror flicks that filled the video shelves in the late eighties.  This is similar to Night of the Living Babes from the same year in style and self-aware camp.  I could watch these damn things all day.  Unless you watch this, it may not make sense, but the best way I can describe this is if HG Lewis made movies in the eighties as he did in the sixties. Just a ton of fun.

Some really amazing shots of Hollywood '87 in this film.  Brings a tear to my eye as I lived in San Bernardino at this time and would often go to the LA area. Check out the Beverly Hills Cop II billboard.

A Cannibal Hooker (Sky Nicholas) lures in her first victim.

Back at the room, the victim (Drew Godderis) doesn't realize he's about to be on the menu.

She kills him with an axe.  This film isn't very gory; you just see the blood splatter.

The main character, super cute Hilary (Amy Waddell).

Hilary catches hell from her strict mother (Katina Garner) for hanging out with Deedee.

She meets Deedee (Annette Munro) in her car.
Deedee: "Is your mom on the rag again?"
Hillary: "Are you kidding? She's never been off it."

The two friends are pledges at the Gamma Zeta Beta sorority where Stephanie (Sheila Best) likes to be called "madame president".

The initiation will consist of dressing like hookers, picking up johns and bringing them back to an abandoned house. Hilary agrees - she's desperate to get it in to GZB. 

Deedee is reluctant to pose as a prostitute but Hilary is persuasive.

Elsewhere, a cannibal hooker named Raven (Kristie Etzold) is looking for a john.

She's quick to score her next victim.

Raven brings the guys back to an old mansion.

Raven disrobes.

Raven gets the dude (Ron McGonigle) on the couch...

And Lobo (Gary J. Levinson) takes care of the rest.

Carmila (Diana de la Cruz) is the leader of the cannibal cult.

Lobo brings Carmila a glass of blood.

Back at home, Hilary continues to get shit from her mother.  Her sister Beth squeals on her, saying that she's going out with Rob. To which her mother responds:
"Ron? Isn't he the one they kicked out of pre-med school? Something about giving free abortions to the cheerleaders?"

Beth is such a little shit.

Hilary and Deedee go shopping for clothes to wear for their evening as prostitutes....

They run into Hilary's boyfriend Bruce (Tommy Carrano).

Deedee and Hilary dress up for their night of streetwalking.

Stephanie inspects the pledges and gives them the address of where to take their johns.

More amazing looks at the boulevard. 

Bruce is stuck at home with his friends, wondering why Helen stood him up tonight.

Darrell (Donald Trimborn) is a total weirdo, and seems old.  Bruce would never have a friend like this.

Hilary and Deedee wait all night and no action.

Bruce and his friends roll up.  Bruce thinks his girlfriend has become a prostitute, but Hilary explains.

Hilary has a great idea.  Stephanie doesn't know Bruce's two friends.  So, they can pretend they're the johns, and take them to the address of the abandoned mansion.

So, Deedee and Hilary take Darrell and Dwight (Matt Borlenghi) to the mansion.. which happens to be the same mansion the cannibal hookers live in.

A cannibal hooker (Dusty Carlson) appears and hits on Dwight.

She's followed by the other hookers.

Dwight's hooker convinces him to leave his friends and go to another room with them.

Dwight tells his friends 'see ya'.

Dwight's hooker puts him on an altar...

Then Raven takes over and kills him.

The next day, Darrell and Deedee go back to the mansion to look for Dwight.

I love that Deedee has a Buckwheat shirt.

They're shocked to find Dwight being eaten.

The cannibal hooker (Michelle Fox) then attacks Darrell and Deedee.

Deedee is chained up and her Buckwheat T-shirt torn open.

Darrell is now a zombie.

Darrell bites Deedee, turning her into a zombie too.

Deedee shows up at the sorority party acting strange.  Hilary wonders what's wrong with her friend.

Deedee attacks!

She throws Hilary on the bed and bites her, turning her into a zombie too.

Hilary kills Stephanie in the bathroom.

Hilary then entices Bruce.

Bruce can't believe what's come over Hilary.  She's always been such a prude.

Hilary kills Bruce.

A detective questions Carmila about the missing persons.

The detective is taken back to the cannibal cult's lair.

Lobo and Carmila get into an argument. 

Carmila is stabbed.

The detective shoots Lobo. Note that there are two endings to this film - so, I guess it was one of those "interactive" films on VHS?  

A totally rad soundtrack.

I include this picture because I'm sometimes asked how I know the actresses' names in these movies, when even the big identifier sites don't know or get them wrong.  The answer, nine times out of ten, is just watch the damn credits.  So many of these movies have a more detailed credit list at the end than is listed on IMDb.  Plus, as with this film, they often even show the actresses.  So, there's that.

Anyway, this movie fucking ruled.  It's so "eighties", I just can't describe how eighties this movie is. The hair, the clothes, the slang, the music... and it made me so damn nostalgic of when I lived in Southern California in the late eighties.  But nostalgia aside, this movie had cannibal hookers for chrissakes!  It would be so much fun to watch at an Alamo Drafthouse with a crowd; one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a while.


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