Sep 30, 2021

Bloodlust Zombies (2011)


A zombie movie.  The opening scene in the Dawn of the Dead remake will remain as one of the best (IMHO the best) moments in zombie movie history. It captures the horror of that moment when the world turns better than anything I've ever seen.  Suffice it to say, this ain't that film. It's just another B-movie about zombies, told with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

A biotech company celebrates the successful testing of their new product.

Catherine (Catherine White) and Judy Miller (Janice Marie) the lead scientist

Darren (Adam Danoff) and Sandra (Sarah Dewey)

Andrea (Alexis Texas) the secretary brings the champagne

Judy goes to celebrate in her office alone.

Andrea celebrates with the head salesman...

Bobby Lee (Robert Heath) rides the secretary, not realizing their grunts and moans are on the loudspeaker

Darren and Sandra sass back and forth like it's an episode of The Office

Meanwhile, there's a problem in the lab

The workers are attacked by the zombie lab animal.

Judy is alerted to the problem.  Two big plot points: (1) She secretly fucked the whole experiments up to create a toxin that would cause people to kill each other.  But it was meant to only be used on the enemy! (2) The lab accident triggered a lock down at the facility.  So, now they are trapped in the building with no means of escape!

Darren and Sandra only notice that the lights have gone off.

Darren pictures Sandra with her blouse open, but it's only a fantasy.

Sandra is promptly killed by a zombie.

Judy, with gun ready, explores the lab area.

Security guards are getting mauled left-and-right.

But not this security guard (Dan Lantz).  He sees what's going on via the security cameras and holes up in his room.

Libby (Lauren Todd) the nerdy temp worker actually convinces him to go out there and be a hero.

A lab technician (Jordana Leigh) is working when the power goes off.

She's attacked and becomes a zombie herself.

For some reason, she's topless now.  She ambles out of the lab.

She approaches Darren who likes those titties.

She attacks and bites off his ear.

Darren shoots her and she falls on top of him.

He rolls her off...

Another happy lab worker  (Amanda Scarano) is turned into a mutant zombie

A topless mutant zombie to be exact.

She attacks Darren as well.  He shoots her dead, but she soon rises.

Andrea has managed to avoid becoming zombie food.

With an axe, she massacres Bobby Lee who is now a zombie.

Andrea gets to the override switch, thus opening the exit doors to the facility.

Judy is busily wasting zombies.

She almost makes it to an exit before getting devoured by a zombie.

Andrea gets those bloody clothes off and puts on a hazmat suit.

She goes full beast-mode, wasting zombies until she finally makes it to the exit.

I remember seeing Zombeavers in the theater and enjoying it, but thinking I'm getting a little tired of the tongue-in-cheek "hey look how cah-cah-cah-rayyyzeee we are!" horror movies.  I think I appreciate newer horror movies like Hereditary and The Wailing all the more because they don't cop-out with the self-aware intentional campiness. James Wan's Malignant is an example where he abandons the sincerity of The Conjuring vibe in favor of the Robert Rodriquez Planet Terror wackiness.  Which is still fun, but still loses something.  With Bloodlust Zombies, we have all the self-aware tomfoolery of Zombeavers, but not as well done.  This movie reminded me a lot of Repligator, but didn't quite have the same intangible mojo.


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