Sep 22, 2021

Blackmail (1974)


(Original Title: Lo strano ricatto di una ragazza perbene) A rich stoner girl tricks her father into thinking she's been kidnapped in order to get the ransom money.  So, yeah, there's nothing whatsoever about blackmail in this movie.  I should have been called "Ransom".... but whatever.

Babel Stone (Brigitte Skay) is at a club stoned out of her mind and topless.  (Brigitte Skay spends easily half her screen time with her boobs out btw.)

She meets up with Rick (Claudio Giorgi).

Babel is arrested and the Police Commissioner (Fulvio Pellegrino) explains to her poor beleaguered father how marijuana is a gateway drug and she'll likely soon be doing heroin.
Mr. Herman Stone (Umberto Raho) is stressed-out and miserable in ever scene he's in.

Can you blame him for being morose?  His daughter is an awful hippie.

At the beach, those boobs are back out.

Babel tells her friends the plan: she'll pretend to be kidnapped by them, and they'll ask her father for $250,000 as ransom.  

They celebrate with a dance straight outta Beach Blanket Bingo.

They find a good place to hideout - Claudio's (Benjamin Lev) sister is away, so they use her house. Babel listens to records.

Rick and Babel smoke weed.

Poor beleaguered Mr. Stone.  He gets the phone call that his daughter has been kidnapped.

Uh-oh.  Claudio's sister Paola (Darla Abrem) and her husband Marcel (Lorenzo Piani) have come home earlier than expected.

Rick has started to behave more erratically and violently.

One thing Babel didn't count on was Stella (Rosalba Neri).  She's her stepmother - a trophy wife, and a gold digging bitch.

Marcel, who has been tasked with getting the ransom money, is like putty in her hands.

Babel's right boob is literally never out of frame in this movie.

Babel explains to everyone that they've been screwed over by Eva.

One of the more random and bizarre moments of the film: Paola's maid (Luana Brown) comes over.  She and Babel fight... and then start having sex.

Rick shoots Babel dead.

Then Rick starts shooting everyone - Paola, Claudio, the maid, even Mr. Stone gets shot in the face when he tries to rescue his daughter.

But then... we're back on the beach and Babel is trying to snap Rick out of his stoned reverie. 

It was all a dream.  Babel presents the idea of the kidnapping, and Rick (totally opposite of his pot dream) says he doesn't need the money.  So, they all go frolic in the surf. THE END

This sucked pretty hard.  Brigitte Skay plays an impossibly annoying hippie girl who you'll root against every step of the way.  She's kind enough to be topless the entire film, but it's still not enough to make up for the overarching shittiness of this film. 


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