Sep 26, 2021

Beast in Space (1980)


An erotic science fiction film from Italy about a space crew in search of a precious material who land on a planet where they are possessed by a powerful computer.

Studly Captain Larry Madison (Vassili Karis) walks into a futuristic club.

He meets a sexy woman, Sondra Richardson (Sirpa Lane).

They have sex.

Sondra has terrible nightmares about being raped by satyr.  

Captain Larry Madison is given the mission of finding a rare element called Antallum which is the key ingredient for the construction of neutron bombs.

Peter (Lucio Rosato) introduces Larry to his crew: Frieda Henkel (Marina Hedman)

Erika Grant (Maria D'Alessandro) a computer expert

Larry is surprised to find that Sondra Richardson (Sirpa Lane), the girl he screwed at the club, is his lieutenant. 

Lift off.

I just love their space suits.

The retro-future vibe is off the charts.

Sondra has satyr rape nightmares again.

It's important to note that this film is playing off of The Beast by Walerian Borowczyk (1975) which also starred Sirpa Lane.

They land on planet Lorigon, a place where Antallum can be found.

Erika, Larry, Peter, Sondra and Frieda explore

They are surprised to find a building.

I love how Larry's suit is the only orange one.  Maybe they change color when you pee in them?

They arrive at a psychedelic banquet hall.

Erika gets cozy with a roguish merchant named Juan Cardoso (Venantino Venantini)

They are served by Brian Jones robots.

The place is run by Onaf (Robert Hundar) who explains that it used to be under the rule of a super computer called Zocor.

Suddenly the crew has the urge to get busy. Erika gets with Larry.

Frieda gets with Juan.

Onaf wants a piece of Sondra.

They go off into the woods. Sondra wears a tattered gown with nothing underneath.

Onaf finds that boob.

Erika continues to get pounded by Larry.

Full frontal from Maria D'Alessandro.

Onaf starts to tag Sondra, but then...

He turns into the satyr from her nightmares.

She tries to run, but there is no escape.

Sondra is raped by the creature.

Juan takes a drug which makes him immune to the computer's powers.

He returns to the banquet hall where Frieda is still getting pleasured.

He finds Larry and gives him the pill.

Larry takes the drug and so do the rest of the crew.

They do battle against legions of Brian Jones robots.

There's even a lightsaber battle (!)

They blow up Zocor.

Onaf was just the physical manifestation of Zocor.  When the supercomputer is destroyed, Onaf dies as well.

Sondra awakens and hauls ass to the ship.

Fuck the Antallum; let's get outta here! THE END

I just loved the look of this thing.  The retro-futuristic aesthetic is amazing.  I didn't like that it took over twenty minutes for the plot to even hint at beginning (the club scenes at the start go on forever).  But once they get going, it's a groovy sci-fi at its best.


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