Sep 28, 2021

As Mulheres Que Fazem Diferente (1974)


(Translation: Women Who Do Different) An anthology from Brazil consisting of a couple unrelated sex comedies. 

Story #1 - "Uma Delícia de Mulher"

Perry Salles is a photographer; currently photographing a cemetary 

He sees a woman, Maria (Vera Fischer), crying beside a grave.

Maria faints and falls into his arms.

Perry is unable to revive her.

Finally, Maria comes to, and Perry helps her back home.

Check out his ride.

Maria invites him in.

Would you decline?

They have a cup of tea.

It's a bit odd as the maid is wearing a super short dress.

Perry likes what he sees...

Perry makes love to the widow.

Maria takes a shower.

The two get playful; Perry is having the time of his life with this widow.

At the discotheque

At his photography studio.

Perry doesn't hesitate making a fat check made out to Maria.

But when he calls her later - she's long gone.  He's been had!

Perry moves on to a new woman, Fátima Braun.

But he's playing Fátima as much as he was played by Maria.

He photographs Fátima running and skinny dipping.

Later, Perry is back to photographing the cemetery when he sees a woman crying at the same grave Maria was crying at.  But it seems this woman has no idea who Maria is.... which is odd because Maria claimed she was at the grave of her late husband.

Perry sees Maria fainted into another man's arms.

The man is trying to revive her.  And so Perry realizes her game.  She never was a widow after all.  It's all a con.

Story #2 - "A Bela da Tarde"

Dr. Ronaldo (Milton Carneiro) and the puritanical Reinaldo (Jotta Barroso), a sales manager, head to the Hotel Nacional.

The hotel receptionist (André Valli) knows Ronaldo because he frequently comes to the hotel to enjoy the company of prostitutes.  He'll have to be discreet this time in the company of the judgemental Reinaldo. 

A shy virginal student (Thaia Perez) and her friend Bela da Tarde (Sandra Barsotti) who earns money on the side as a prostitute.

The student is going to apply for a secretary position with Reinaldo.  Bela recommends she dress as sexy as possible to get the job.

Dr. Ronaldo calls to request a prostitute. 

The hotel receptionist sends the student to Ronaldo's room by mistake (Ronaldo vs. Reinaldo - their names are nearly identical.  Dr. Ronaldo presumes she's the prostitute because she dressed sexy (per Bela's instructions).

The doctor thinks she's a prostitute, and the student assumes Ronaldo is Reinaldo.... it becomes a hot mess.

The student has to hide in the bathroom to escape his clawing paws.

She comes out of the bathroom and faints.

Dr. Ronaldo lays her on the bed.

Bela is the prostitute.  But instead of being sent to Ronaldo's room, she's sent to Reinaldo.

She gets undressed.

The deeply conservative Reinaldo, expecting a secretary applicant, is horrified to find her nude in his bed.

He tries to drag her out of the room.

The female bellhop (Eliane Rogério) notices the commotion. 

The poor student emerges discheveled from Ronaldo's bedroom as scornful eyes look on.

Bela actually gets the job as secretary.  Ronaldo is enamored with the woman.

Meanwhile, walking down the same road, the student is arrested for prostitution. THE END

So, my understanding is that there were originally three stories - the third called "Flagrante de Adultério".  Since we're already at 1.5 hours, I suspect it was trimmed for VHS and TV. I thought the second story was pretty fun: your standard "Three's Company" comedy of errors.  The first, however, didn't have much to offer beyond a couple glimpses of Vera Fischer's boobs.


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