Sep 4, 2021

Alien Ecstasy (2009)


Follows Aliens Gone Wild (2007), so you really need to watch that in order to understand this film.  Just kidding, it's just another series of sex scenes (largely of Eastern European ladies) loosely linked together by a flimsy sci-fi story.

General Saunders (Robert Donavan) is questioned about the deaths of so many agents and military personnel. What happened?

We go to a strip club in Amsterdam; Saunders narrates telling us that aliens in female form have infiltrated the human race.

They are led by the Queen Alien (Alena Novotna), and they can all shapeshift. 

The Queen Alien leads a man to the bedroom and then steals his energy during sex.

The sex energy is used to power their starfleet light years away.

There are a variety of these shape-shifting alien nymphos in Europe.

Saunders gives an order to Agent Simone Lewis (Jenae Altschwager) who doesn't figure much into this particular episode.

Who does figure prominently in the story is Agent Bruce Wallace (Michael Stark) a former CIA hitman. What's absolutely hilarious is that they try to make him into a super cool dude, filmed in a slow-walk.  And he could not be goofier looking.

Another alien sex fiend has lured a victim to have sex in the kitchen.

Saunders sends super-cool Agent Wallace to Europe to investigate how all the agents are getting sucked in by the aliens.

Before he leaves, Wallace speaks with surveillance expert Denise Johnston (Kristin Novak) who also doesn't figure much into this episode.

An Eastern European woman is lured in by the Queen Alien.

More eastern bloc alien sex.

Wallace walking around in slow-mo, looking like the BMOC.

You guessed it - more aliens having sex with humans. 

Wallace has to terminate an agent who was fully compromised by an alien.

They walk among us.

Katie Saunders (Christina Caporale) as we saw her at the end of Aliens Gone Wild (2007)

We get a tiny shred of backstory with a flashback to when Young Katie (April Nordenstrom) was abducted by aliens.

Saunders watches the spaceship take his daughter away.

Tracking the Queen Alien.

The Queen Alien has sex with her Viceroy (Sandra Sanchez).

Then she and the Viceroy teleport to earth.

Other aliens join in, and they take out a team of special agents.

One after another, they're destroyed.  Only Wallace survives.

Wallace and Saunders square off, with the general winning.

And so the Queen Alien survives, riding off on a horse.

And continue to screw humans for their sex energy. THE END

The women are hot, and it's chock full of sex - but this just feels like cheating.  You have like five minutes of story, and you pad the remaining hour with random sex scenes of anonymous Czech women? Sure, the narrator says they're aliens, but c'mon.  


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