Sep 4, 2021

A Summer in the Country (1980)


(Original Title: Secrets d'adolescentes - France, Segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny - Italy, and Ein Sommer auf dem lande - Germany) Around this time, films like this would get released as a hundred different versions throughout Europe, from hardcore to soft. To do this, you had to (1) keep story and dialog to a minimum and (3) make sure it looks good for those soft releases. Thus, you get some beautiful looking films which could get by with almost no words whatsoever.  This film features Julia Perrin and Brigitte Lahaie, two of the most gorgeous ladies in Euro-sleaze at the time.

Luca (Gil Lagardère) and Fanny (Julia Perrin) are two spoiled rich kids home for the summer.  Fanny is visiting Luca's family villa on the coast of Corsica.

Fanny is a bit pouty and doesn't get along great with her parents.

Luca's parents and the staff wave goodbye to Fanny's parents.

Simona (Brigitte Lahaie) and Gina (Lidie Ferdics) are the two constantly horny maids.

Martha (Jane Baker) is the uptight head house servant who runs a tight ship.

Simona gets ready for a date.

She has sex with a dude (Guy Bérardant) parked in the country.

A boring evening in front of the TV.

Fanny reads, and Luca gets a glimpse up her dress.

Luca is sent into a reverie. 

He fantasizes about having sex with Fanny.

Martha is all business, but she hides a secret longing.

We'll find out she has a thing for Luca.

Luca's parents - completely asexual duds.

Fanny has hidden a pornographic book and masturbates to it.

Gina finds Fanny asleep like this in the morning.

The maids also find women's lingerie in Luca's room.  What could be going on?

Martha continues to live in her sad repressed world.

Fanny gets ready for the day.

With a short break to masturbate again - this time on the toilet.

Simona seduces Luca.

Fanny returns to her favorite bedside reading.

Breakfast is awkward.

Fanny doesn't quite know what to make of her confusing feelings.

The boring evenings in front of the TV are now more complicated, with these weird feelings awakened.

Luca thinks back to when he was a kid and got turned on watching Martha play tennis.

In the locker room.

It's a sight Luca will never forget.

Luca and Fanny plan to meet out in the barn.

They find old trunks of memorabilia.  Fanny tries on an old sundress.

Luca finds an old picture of Martha.

He flashes back to when he was a kid - and infatuated with the head house servant.

He recalls Martha getting dressed as he pretends to be asleep in her bed.

Fanny's daily masturbation ritual is interrupted by Gina.

Gina seduces the young girl.

The next day, Fanny feels guilty about her behavior and tears up the pornographic material. But before she leaves the villa for good, Gina and Simona give her a going away present (and I'm sure you can guess what that was).

Martha reads alone.. but secretly thinks back to a forbidden tryst she had with Luca.

While she sleeps, Luca slips into her room...

In the morning, Martha quietly gets out of bed and heads to the window...

Martha stares out the window, nude.  She looks down on the clueless rich parents and returns to bed. THE END

It's your standard sexual awakening story, with next-to-no dialog and more-or-less just an excuse to show skin and sex.  But goddamn, it does its job well.  Julia Perrin is beyond smoking hot, and the way this is filmed - just gorgeous to look upon. You have to admire how well it develops the characters and conveys the story with so few words; fitting in a ton of sex without turning this into just another bump and grind.  Quality erotica in every sense.


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