Aug 26, 2021

In the Cold of the Night (1990)


An erotic thriller about a dude who keeps having nightmares about killing a mysterious woman - whom he soon meets and falls in love with.

Scott Bruin (Jeff Lester) is a photographer and Lena (Shannon Tweed) works for his agency.

Time to have sex.

Scott has this crazy luminous mattress.

He starts randomly strangling Lena.

He has visions of killing a woman in a shower.

What's wrong with me?

Scott tells his bodybuilder friend Phil (Brian Thompson) about how he nearly strangled Lena to death.

Scott does some investigations to find out who this woman is who he keeps murdering in his dreams.

Same girl, Different murder setting.  The dreams are driving Scott insane.

He talks with his psychiatrist Dr. Frieberg (David Soul).  His advice: Don't give up on us, baby.

At Scott's photography studio.

Of course his job is to take pictures of hot girls in bikinis.

Scott has visions of the mystery girl again.  One of the models says, "Hey Scott, you blacked out. Are you doing drugs?"

Scott spends half the film looking at his hands.

Scott sees a guy on a 10-speed wearing a t-shirt with an airbrushed image of the woman in his dreams.

Scott demands to know where he purchased this shirt.

He's directed to this souvenir shop.

Rudy (John Beck), the owner who airbrushed the shirt, isn't much help.

Scott goes out with Lena.  I thought it'd lead to another Shannon Tweed nude scene.  Sadly, no dice.

The woman in his dreams unexpectedly shows up at his door.

Kimberly Shawn (Adrianne Sachs)

They fall in love, and Scott meets Kimberly's mother, Clara (Tippi Hedren).

One of the most painful cameos ever.  Tippi Hedren actually gets alarmed by the sounds of the birds. A sad callback to her most famous film.

Scott and Kimberly literally drive the motorcycle into his place.

He finds Kimberly in the shower.

Pretty cringey - Scott rolls marbles on Kimberly, which cause her to go into fits of ecstasy. 

A pretty damn good sex scene from Adrianne Sachs, although not particularly explicit.

They talk about this and that.  Pretty boring.

Then it's back to having sex.

Scott is back to strangling again.

Fortunately he returns to his senses before he can kill her.

Scott takes Kimberly to a swanky party.

He introduces Kimberly to Lena.

Scott finds footage on a CD which depict exactly the scenes in his dreams.  What the fuck is going on?

He stalks Kimberly to find out what's the deal.  Check out the massive car phone.

He finds Kimberly walking down the street and grabs her.

He holds a gun to Kimberly and demands answers from...

Ken Strom (Marc Singer)

Ken explains they are using him as a guinea pig for a new technology which plants high def images into a person's brain.

Scott runs out and takes Kimberly with him. 

After a brief car chase, they wind up back at the house.

After a lame battle, Kimberly takes off with Ken.  Adios, dipshit.

Exceedingly boring, slow paced, and just overwhelmingly lame. You have no idea how much screen time is spent on the most vapid, inconsequential dialog. Yes we see boobs from Shannon Tweed and Adrianne Sachs, but you'll just want to fast-forward to those scenes and be done with it.


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  1. "His advice: Don't give up on us, baby." If I had been drinking, there definitely would have been a spit-take.