Jul 17, 2021

The Erotic and Crazy Time Tunnel (1983)


(Original Title: El erótico y loco túnel del tiempo) A nerd uses a time machine to have sex with women from prehistoric days to the future.

Perico (Paco Maldonado) is busily working on his time machine.

He's nagged and annoyed by his sister.

Perico steps inside his invention.

It sends him back to the days of Rome.

A beautiful girl (Alicia Príncipe) jumps his bones.

Perico will keep running into Alicia Príncipe with every Quantum Leap he makes.

Claudio (Francisco Andrés Valdivia) arrives, but before he can execute Perico, he snaps back to present day.

Perico adjusts the dial to the next time period.

He lands in Bagdad amid a harem.

It turns into a big orgy.

The sheikh (Francisco Andrés Valdivia) shows up and tries to chop Perico's head off.

But, poof, he's gone.

Alicia Príncipe wonders where Perico has gone; but they'll meet again in another time to be sure.

This time, Perico lands in prehistoric times, amid a clan of cavewomen.

He quickly gets to work getting them out of their furs and hides.

He demonstrates on Rosa Suances how to tag someone from behind.

Then they have a cave orgy.

Rosa Suances comes back for more, but he vanishes.

This time he goes to Egyptian times where he lands in a pyramid with three of the pharaoh's women.

Elena Álvarez falls asleep on Alicia Príncipe

Perico reveals himself.

Ramsés (Francisco Andrés Valdivia) shows up.

Of course he's unable to catch Perico who zaps out from under his grasp.

This time Perico calculates how to jump to the future.

Alicia Príncipe watches the monitor...

Elena Álvarez and another future-girl arrive.

They have sex while Alicia Príncipe watches

Perico pops in and carries Alicia Príncipe off to have sex.

With Alicia Príncipe draped across them, they pass out.

Back to present day and Perico's sister introduces him to her friend,  Charo - who, of course, is Alicia Príncipe.

Alone in his room, they have sex.

In a weird twist, Perico's sister jumps in the action. THE END

Clearly there is no attempt at a real story here; it's just shagging through time.  Alicia Príncipe provides some incredible nudity.  Evidently Rocío Freixas is in this film, but it's so hard to tell some of these actress apart in makeup/costume. 


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