Jul 22, 2021

Of Love and Death (1977)


(Original Title: Del amor y de la muerte) Superfox Amparo Muñoz stars in this twisted Medieval romance from Spain.  

Elvira (La Polaca) is the peasant wife of the miller.  Elena (Amparo Muñoz) is her daughter.

Don Diego (Antonio Ferrandis) is the feudal lord.

Elvira and Elena work as house servants for Don Diego and his son Gonzalo (Simón Andreu).

Don Diego goes off to war.  He tells Gonzalo he can fuck any village maiden he likes, but hands off Elvira and Elena.  Why?  As we'll learn, Elena is actually the illegitimate daughter of Don Diego and Elvira. 

Dad hasn't even left yet, and Gonzalo is already groping Elvira.

But Elvira is always flashing him her titties.  So, can you blame him?

Elvira is in love with a young lad named Rodrigo (Pedro Mari Sánchez).

Elvira, boobs out again.

She finds Elvira and Rodrigo skinny dipping.

She puts a stop to it.

Gonzalo also has a problem with the young lovers and chastises Rodrigo. What's his problem?  He's harboring a secret lust for Elena... the girl his father forbid him to touch... who's actually his sister!

Gonzalo creeps into Elena's room at night and pulls down the covers.

Drooling like a madman, Gonzalo can't help himself and fondles the sleeping girl.

Quite a nude scene from Amparo Muñoz.

Gonzalo then rapes her.

Elvira tries to console her daughter, but it's no use.  She's thoroughly traumatized.

Elvira confronts Gonzalo.

Rodrigo tries to get through to Elena, but she's a shell of her former self.

Elena has Gonzalo's baby.  She lies in bed slowly dying of grief. 

Elvira attacks Gonzalo; a big fight in the pouring rain.

Gonzalo escapes Elvira and appears at Elena's door.

Driven half-mad, barely cognizant, Elena welcomes Gonzalo to her bed.

Rodrigo catches them screwing and is highly displeased.

Don Diego returns from war to find his household and village a hot mess.

Rodrigo goes on a motherfucking rampage, killing pretty much everyone including Gonzalo.

He even fucking kills Elena.  THE END

It can get a little boring, but the last quarter of the film is pure dynamite.  Plus, Amparo Muñoz is frequently naked and a goddamn goddess.  


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