Jul 18, 2021

Night of the Walking Dead (1975)


(Original Title: El extraño amor de los vampiros) A Spanish vampire flick starring Emma Cohen.  From León Klimovsky the director who gave us The Vampires Night Orgy (1973) and Vengeance of the Zombies (1973).

Catherine (Emma Cohen) is a sickly rich girl.  She's waited on by the maid, María (Viky Lussón).

Her sister Mariam (Amparo Climent) has just died.

The villagers believe Miriam is a vampire so they put a stake through her heart before she's buried.

María (Viky Lussón) is giddy and stupid.

Catherine spies on her having sex with her husband Chris (Rafael Hernández), the male house servant.

Dara (Mary Paz Pondal) the serving wench is amazed by the exotic wares sold by traveling merchant, Mijai (Barta Barri).

María lets Catherine know her true love, Jean (Baringo Jordan), has arrived.

Catherine shyly admires Jean from afar.

Catherine catches Jean and María having sex in the hay.  She also overhears Jean say that Catherine creeps him out; she reminds him of death.

Catherine's slightly insane mother (Tota Alba).

One evening, Catherine believes she sees Miriam outside her window.

María gives Catherine a bath.

Catherine, who is dying, is often racked with pain.

The arrival of Count Rudolph de Winberg (Carlos Ballesteros) whose coach had an accident outside and requests lodging for the night.

Catherine is led, as if under a spell, to the count.  Miriam and other vampire women are there.

Corpses rise from their graves.

María is attacked while having sex with Jean again in the hay.

Dara watches in horror as Mijai lights the undead on fire.

The count has called Catherine to his side.

He escorts Catherine to a macabre undead ball.

A bizarre vampire underworld; the best scene in the movie

Jean is captured and brought to the ball where he is ravaged by the vampires.

The count tells Catherine about their vampire underworld.  She sees a hallucinatory image - featuring a topless Miriam.

The count then takes her to the bedroom.

Catherine's father (Manuel Pereiro) sees what she has become.  He rallies the villagers to eradicate this scourge of the undead.

The villagers storm the cemetery and dig up the graves.

Spikes are driven through the foreheads of the corpses.

Catherine is acting weird.  She shows her bush to Chris.

Catherine returns to the count and dies in his arms.

The count has nothing left to live for and purposefully stands in the sunlight.  He vaporizes, leaving only a smoldering cape behind. THE END

Very slow paced, it takes forever to get going, and it's almost all in the dark.  León Klimovsky needs Paul Naschy to keep things lively; this seems like everyone was sleepwalking through it.  You could say this adds to the dreamlike quality... or you could say this makes it unbearably boring.  You decide.


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