Jul 18, 2021

Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra (1985)


(Original Title: Sogni erotici di Cleopatra) An Italian historical erotica about Cleopatra, the plot to kill Caesar, and of course lots of women getting naked.

Cleopatra (Marcella Petrelli) has left Egypt to be with Caesar in Rome where she finds herself miserably confined within the walls of a palace.

Cleopatra is waited upon but still longs to be with Caesar and return to Egypt.

Kelmis (Rita Silva) greets Spurina (Andrea Coppola)

Kelmus is a servant of Cleopatra, but she uses her sexual skills to pry information from the palace's important guests.

Ananka (Mónica Zanchi) pretends to be sick.  Her fellow handmaiden is in on the trick to get Spurina in there to help her.

Spurina is a mage of some kind and attempts to heal Ananka.

The girls' trick is revealed.  Time for a threesome.

Kelmis comes in and breaks up the party.

Spurina tells Cleopatra of his prophetic dreams.

The dreams predict Caesar's downfall on the Ides of March.

Kelmis is busily having sex with Dolabella (Venantino Venantini), a high ranking Roman consul. Of course, the two degenerates are also plotting against Cleopatra.

Afterwards, Dolabella tells Kelmis to fuck off and find a better douche.

Poor Kelmis.  She stares longingly at a golden dildo...

This golden dildo will be a recurring gag.  And it's not really so much a dildo as a phallic headboard on her bed.

Dolabella tries to warn Julius Caesar (Jacques Stany) of the plot to kill him, but he won't listen.

Dolabella reports back to Kelmis.

Rita Silva provides some exceptional nudity in this film.

Once again, Dolabella tells her off and she's stuck with her golden dildo.

Cleopatra falls for Mark Anthony (Paul Branco).

And here we go again. Kelmis are having kinky sex.

He likes to be whipped.

And yes, it ends with Kelmis staring at the golden dildo again.

Cleopatra masturbates with a snake.

She doesn't know Dolabella is plotting against her, but it is soon revealed.

Kelmis' betrayal is discovered and she's beaten by all of Cleopatra's handmaidens.

Kelmis wakes up in her bedroom with Cleopatra at her side.

She grovels at the queen's feet, kissing her toes.

Cleopatra makes Kelmis drink poison which instantly kills her.

Cleopatra is informed that Caesar has been killed.  She has Dolabella killed then flees the palace.

She says goodbye to Spurina and returns to Egypt. THE END

Plenty of T&A, but goddamn the dialog was unbearable.  It's that deal where they try to sound erudite and almost Shakespearean, but instead it just makes every line of dialog sound unnatural and pompous.  Plus, how many times do Kelmis and Dolabella have sex?  It's an extremely repetitive movie to say the least, with a lot of plotting and scheming, making it feel convoluted as well. No thanks.


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