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Jun 5, 2021

Spaceship Terror (2011)


A spaceship crew is trapped aboard a death ship; imagine Saw or Hostel, but in space... and with a much smaller budget.

A spaceship crash lands on an unknown planet.

The crew (L-R): Mia (Yulia Hancheroff), Hardwick (Stephen Lestat) who is badly injured, Janet (Lacey Blair), Annie (Ronda Olshefski), Laura (Kristen Springer) the leader, and Kelly (Jenny Lin)

Another spacecraft lands and they hope to be rescued.  Instead, they find the spaceship weirdly empty, except for Chris (Emma Lee Nguyen).  She claims to have been hostage on this ship for two years, and ravenously eats food supplies they discover.

Suddenly, Hardwick is impaled.

An eyeball appears on the monitor, warning them of their predicament in Jigsaw fashion.

They find themselves trapped on this ship, at the mercy of the man on the monitor.

Chris continues to eat; clearly she's lost her mind in the past couple years. She tells them, "You're on a death ship.  You're all going to die."

Exploring the ship for an escape, Annie is badly injured.

The ship is extremely hot, so the ladies have to get out of their spacesuits.

Kelly freaks out; what are they going to do?

We finally meet the madman at the helm of this ship - Captain Terror (Jay Wesley Cochran).

Janet and Laura watch as Captain Terror abducts Annie.

Chris demonstrates further insanity as she chews on Hardwick.

The ladies are horrified to watch Captain Terror torture Annie on the monitor.

By far, the film's sickest and most explicit scene.  Annie is laid on a slab...

Her panties are ripped off and a hose is inserted into her abdomen.

But it's not over.  Annie, now unconscious, is picked up and laid back down for further grotesque dissection.

Kelly steps on a booby trap.

The trap causes her legs to be sawed off.

Janet gives the finger to Captain Terror watching on the monitor.

They try hard to hold Kelly, preventing her from being pulled through a trapdoor. 

But it's no use.  Kelly is pulled through the door, and vanishes.

It's now a game of cat and mouse.

Janet is able to assemble a weapon from spare parts.

Mia as surprised from behind.

Her throat is cut in front of Chris.

Janet is impaled, then decapitated.  But she manages to give Laura the weapon before she dies.

Laura finds Annie and gives her a knife to kill herself.

Captain Terror is about to kill Laura, but she has the upper hand.

She shoots him and jumps in an escape pod. 

I've seen a million "trapped on a dark ship" movies, where you can barely see a fucking thing.  Thankfully, this was all well-lit.  Even better, the sleaze and gore were off-the-charts.  Harry Tchinski really does a good job of stretching this micro-budget; it looks good, with a real creativity to the set design. It definitely is reminiscent of a Fred Olen Ray or Wynorski flick from back in the nineties (when they were actually still making good movies).  It never slows down, making for a very energetic and entertaining film with a pretty cool bad guy.  How is it that Tchinski has only done one other film (Blood Demon Rising)? Sure, it's not the most original film ever made, but I had a damn good time watching it.

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