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Jun 5, 2021

Blood Demon Rising (2017)


We've covered our fair share of sleazy exploitation films from around the globe on VZ1.  One area that's perhaps been neglected are films from the past decade. We've not neglected them entirely, but they've certainly taken a backseat to previous decades. Part of that is intentional - I grew up in the seventies, and so genre films from around that decade are going to appeal to me the most.  However, I feel like I don't really know or understand the exploitation films currently being churned out.  It doesn't seem right to spend years exploring trashy films, while more-or-less ignoring the ones still carrying the torch. So, we'll try to amend that - and to that point, let's have a look at this satan flick from 2017.

James (Norman Newkirk) is an occult practitioner who lives in a castle.

With other satanists gathered around he prepares to sacrifice a virgin (Cassandra Johnson).

Grimises Demon (Stephen Lestat) takes the sacrifice, but is enraged when he finds that the girl is not a virgin.

The cultists are attacked by Grimises (what a stupid name), and are barred from leaving the room.  Only James survives.

James converts his estate into a haunted attraction.

Grimises is still there and allows James to be his servant.

Grimeses is currently chewing on a topless girl.

I actually like Stephen Lestat in the role.  I'm sick of the handsome devil characters; this portly demon is refreshing.

The set designs are pretty damn good in this film.

Grimises is served by two female vampires (Ronda Olshefski and Tiffany Black)

Father Paul (Bruce Weech) gives Father Samuel (Simone Leorin) the Judas Knife with which he is to kill the demon.

Two couples wait in line at James' haunted attraction: Vicky (Chelsey Tillich) and Dave (Jareth Hixon) who looks and acts like Wyatt from Weird Science, and Shawn (Logan Littlefield) and Joanna (Ronee Collins)

The design of the haunted attraction is pretty damn impressive.

The two couples walk through the attraction, amazed at how realistic it is.

Take note of Dave and Shawn's Spaceship Terror sweatshirts - another Harry Tchinski film we'll be looking at later.

An example of the realistic sets in this haunted attraction: a topless girl (Rebecca Payne) is electrocuted.

This girl has a knife through her mouth...

Dave and Shawn begin to suspect that these sets are for real.  Also, they find themselves separated from Vicky and Joanna.

Their next encounter is an Evil Little Girl (Gabrielle Urban); perhaps the coolest thing about this movie.  She's genuinely creepy; a fun character.

Grimises has taken Vicky and Joanna hostage. 

A brief topless scene from Ronee Collins.  

Grimises has impregnated Joanna.

All hell breaks loose at the haunted attraction as James bars the exit and abducts every patron still inside.

Lots o' topless dead girls in this flick.

Joanna gives birth to the demon baby. 

Father Samuel arrives and kills Grimises with the Judas blade.  Joanna subsequently kills the demon baby.

Shawn carries Joanna to safety; Dave and Father Samuel also escape.

In the closing scene, we see that James has allied with the Evil Little Girl, setting up a possible sequel (which has not yet been made). 

Well, to quote Larry David - pretty, pretty, pretty good.  Could have been sleazier, of course - but a solid Halloween picture.  Its worst offense is the bad CGI; fucking atrocious. Also, too much time spent just wandering around the halls of the haunted attraction.  The best surprise was how likable dimwitted Dave and Shawn were; those types of characters are usually unbearably annoying.  Harry Tchinski doesn't have much to his credit at this point, but I am curious about his Spaceship Terror film; so, stay tuned.


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