Mar 2, 2021

Zombio 2: Chimarrão Zombies (2013)


We've covered a lot of Brazilian movies the past month - but they've all been from the seventies and eighties.  Let's check out a more recent entry from Brazil with this zombie movie which starts with the following text: “The owners of this theater encourage you to eat, drink, and masturbate.”  Sounds promising.

A rural bar in Brazil serves a motley group of guests - including an american - Américo Giallo (Elio Copini) in the hat.

Yoko (Miyuki Tachibana) picks up a hitchhiker.

Klaus  (Cesar Coffin Souza) has an inventive way to get picked up - by laying in the middle of the road. Note that Souza also was the special effects guy for this film.

Chibamar Bronx (Airton Bratz) is a police investigator who is fast learning that something is not right in these parts.  Hilariously, the word "Chibamar" is said in a whispered echo every time he's on screen (a reference to those old seventies detective shows).

Nilda Furacão (Gisele Ferran) tells her gay pimp (Flavio C. von Sperling) that she doesn't want to suck old fat guy's dicks anymore.
The pimp is drinking a Chimarrão - which will be important later.

He starts to throw up green vomit, which causes Nilda to puke on his head (and pop out of her top).

Nilda punches him with her boob and runs off.

Nilda, now free of her pimp, wanders the jungle alone.

Zombies are afoot.

Nilda manages to escape.

Elsewhere, Pastor Davi (Gurcius Gewdner) and Amélia dos Santos (Raíssa Vitral) are praying when a zombie strolls up.

They try and escape, but just back themselves into a corner.

Amélia is now completely nude as a zombie has pulled her skirt off.  Pastor Davi calls her "sister", but I'm not sure if they're really related or just a term used by pastors for their female congregation.

Chibamar arrives in the nick of time.

Klaus and Yoko are also there to assist.

The group makes a run to the nearest residence.

Américo emerges from the house to help them in.

Now safely inside...

Chibamar, Américo, and Suicide (P.C.) get a good look.

Nilda helps Amélia finds some clothes.

Pastor Davi and Amélia pray for their salvation.

Davi explains to Chibamar how they go into this predicament.

The zombies attacked his new church and it burned to the ground. Amélia was nearly killed...

Hence her toplessness when we first saw her.

The zombies begin to converge upon Suicide's place.

Nilda and Yoko figure, if it's the end of the world, why not have some fun.

Amélia ditches the pastor to fool around with the girls.

Suicide has been bitten.  This isn't good.

The zombies breach the residence.

Yoko is disemboweled.

Lambidinha ("Lick") beer, featuring Einstein on the label, is prominently on display throughout the film... and, yeah, that's cocaine.

The zombies continue to aggregate at the house killing more of them - with a disco version of "I'm Singin' in the Rain" playing in the background.

Amélia is killed next.

Klaus, Nilda and Américo escape.

Nilda gives Klaus a blow job.  He accidentally shoots his load into Chibamar's face.  Chibamar (with the aforementioned whispered echo in the background), doesn't take kindly to this affront.

Nilda is attacked by the zombies.

Américo has officially gone crazy, taking psychopathic delight in butchering zombies.

Nilda rises up, becoming a zombie herself.

Américo sees Nilda and they face off.

Américo kills Nilda for good, and drags her into the residence.

He then does the unthinkable.

He clutches a photo of Nilda...

Chibamar finds the cause of all this as he confronts a worker for the Cronenberg company.  The fertilizer they've been using for their Yerba Mate contained toxic waste from a nuclear plant! Thus, the plague began with drinking Chimarrão using the company's product.

Chibamar reports his findings to a police official (André Luiz) who proceeds to melt in front of him.

Disclaimer - gory films are not my cup of tea (or cup of Chimarrão); I'm not what you'd call a gorehound by any stretch.  However, this had enough other elements which made it entertaining including graphic nudity (although not exactly top tier actresses) and a fun tongue-in-cheek approach.  I read a review which stated that this was so over-the-top that it seemed like a parody of a Troma film, and I'd say that's an apt description. It clearly is a cheap B-movie, but doesn't at all seem like one, with some impressive gore effects and skillful film-making - elevating this above the straight-to-streaming gorefests you often find these days.

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