Mar 10, 2021

Yellow Emanuelle (1977)


It's amazing how many countries got in on the Emmanuelle brand.  This one is from Hong Kong and is notable as the first mainstream movie in Hong Kong to show full frontal nudity.

George Taylor (Giuseppe Pambieri) is an airline pilot out on the town in Hong Kong.

He and his pilot buddies get a massage.

George is living the dream.

On to the next bit of adult entertainment...

A strip club.  After taking that in, George gets his ass kicked by some thugs.

He's hospitalized and attended to by Dr. Emy Wong (Chai Lee).

Emy catches George literally tap dancing.  He admits that he's faking his injury so he can stay at this beautiful hospital a little longer.

Helen Miller (Ilona Staller) works for Japan Airlines and is assigned to attend to George.

She checks him out of the hospital and takes him to a posh estate...

Helen promptly disrobes.

They skinny dip and frolic in the pool.

Then they have sex.

Back at the Hong Kong headquarters for Japan Airlines.

George is told he can have a few more days of rest, then he'll have to fly again.

George has fallen for Emy, but she has been promised to another man by her family.

So, it's back with Helen.

Emy thinks George is just playing games with her.

Now the moment we've all been waiting for.

I picture the Hong Kong audiences standing up and applauding.

Chai Lee appeared on The Benny Hill Show a few times, as well as Space:1999.  

Emy consults a fortune teller who explains that George will fly away, but he will one day return.

Bye, George.

Helen turns out to be a jealous, naggy, conniving bitch.

Helen lies to Emy, telling her that George is marrying someone else and ain't ever coming back.

Emy tries to throw herself off a cliff, but she's saved by a stranger.

This stranger proceeds to drug Emy, then rape her!

I guess the only thing you can do at this point is become a prostitute.

Emy is trained to be a master in bed.

She becomes one of their top whores.

George hasn't forgotten about Emy after all.  He has no idea she's become a Hong Kong whore.

They're reuninted.

George gets in a fight.  But this injury isn't his biggest problem. His doctor explains to Emy that George suffers from an incurable disease. Emy chooses to keep this information from him.

They're married - with Emy knowing George's days are numbered.

Their honeymoon.

George puts out his cigarette.... and fucking dies.

Emy then stabs herself and dies by his side.

The nudity is nice, but dear god this was sappy.  It's one soap opera conundrum after another, with none of the batshit insane elements we come to expect from Hong Kong exploitation cinema.  It's just a big  melodrama with some quality nudity sprinkled in.

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