Mar 27, 2021

Women in Heat Behind Bars (1987)


(Original Title: Ori no naka no hoshigaru onnatachi) A WIP film from Japan.  It follows the usual WIP tropes but with a Japanese style - which means there are farts, but no pubic hair.

Shinobu Himeno (Shinobu Wakana) is a naive girl who gets with the wrong guy who gets her wrapped up in drugs and criminal activity.

He has Shinobu be the driver of their getaway car.

After a robbery, Shinobu is stuck holding the stolen jewelry.

She's admitted to Asahi prison and immediately raped by her cellmates.

Mr. Kiya likes to use his Zippo during his rapes.

In order to get an early parole, Yuka Sasano (Saeko Kizuki) secretly places contraband on prisoners then snitches to the guards.

Punished for having scissors in her pocket (placed there by Yuka)

Yuka also snitches that Miki Tanabe (Tomomi Segawa) stole a needle.  

When no needle turns up on on Miki, all the girls are lined up naked and a cavity search is performed.

One girl farts in this guard's face.

All the prisoners erupt in laughter.

It's amazing how many naked girls are in this film, yet they still manage to avoid showing pubic hair.

Yuka is informed that she's not going to get early parole despite her snitching.  She's much more useful on the inside.

Shinobu has a flashback of having sex with her shitty criminal boyfriend.

Prison riot!

In the end, Shinobu is released and she vows to follow the straight and narrow path. THE END

Meh.  Maybe I'm getting spoiled having seen so many WIP films, that this just seems so forgettable and mediocre. The body cavity search scene was pretty damn remarkable with the amount of nudity on display (and fart humor), but otherwise I could barely pay attention I was so bored. 


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