Mar 5, 2021

Web of Seduction (1999)


A Tracy Ryan erotic thriller about two rich housewives who commit a "criss-cross murder". Featuring precious little plot, and tons of well-manicured pubic hair close-ups.  Quality programming.

It starts off with a bang, with Jenni (Tracy Ryan) stripping for Damon (Eric Acsell)

Jenni is upset because Damon has to stop the lovemaking to go to work. She feels like she plays second fiddle to his high-paying job.

When Damon returns, Jenni wonders if he's been with another woman.

Jenni's rich friend and neighbor, Simone (Lauren Hays

Gerard (Stephan Camus), her stick-in-the-mud husband who seems more interested in his painting restoration project than their marriage.

Simone eyes Damon in the neighboring pool. 

She gets in the hot tub.

This film never misses an opportunity to zoom-in on bush.

Damon sees Simone aggressively playing with herself.

Damon introduces Jenni to their new household servant, Brandy (Nancy O'Brien).

There's more to Brandy than meets the eye. 

Brandy strips off her bikini, knowing she's being watched.

Nifty underwater filming.

Like I said - never a missed opportunity.

Brandy introduces Jenni to her ex-boyfriend  Stan (Michael George).

Simone finds evidence that indicates Gerard is shafting her out of his money.

Simone gets with Stan.

Jenni and Damon have a fight.

Brandy takes this opportunity to go for Damon...

Never an opportunity wasted.

Jenni finds out and confronts Damon.

Simone and Jenni discuss their shitty husbands and what to do about them.

Brandy suggests what she calls a "criss-cross murder".  She says, ""Simone kills Damon while you're out of town... and you kill Gerard while Simone's away."

The next day, Brandy sidles up to Jenni in the hot tub.

She gives Jenni a massage.

One thing leads to another.

The "criss cross murder" scheme begins.  Simone visits Damon in his office.

She actually offers him drugs and alcohol.

They have sex, and Simone kills Damon off-camera.

Jenni returns from her vacation and finds Damon dead and has to pretend to be shocked.

Jenni tells Simone she can't go through with murdering Gerard.

The two ladies sunbathe.

Simone speaks with Jenni about her reticence to kill Gerard.

She shows Jenni her plane ticket which demonstrates she was out of town at the time of the murder... which would seem to more-or-less exonerate her, not implicate her.  So, I'm confused. Regardless, Jenni is persuaded to go through with the crime.

She stands naked in the window, for Gerard to see.

Gerard watches from across the way.

Meanwhile, Simone, Stan and Brandy are in Vegas.

Brandy masturbates watching Simone have sex with Stan.

Simone sees Brandy going to town on herself, and strolls over to her.

Simone lets Brandy have her turn with Stan while she watches.

Gerard takes the bait and comes over to see Jenni.

Jenni has switched the pills in Gerard's heart medicine bottle.  She intends to kill him by causing him to have a heart-attack during sex.

Never... opportunity...


When Simone returns she expects to find Gerard dead.  Instead, he's one step ahead of her, and well aware of their plot.

Brandy explains that Stan is really Gerard's true heir (?) and explains this was all a part of her master plan. She embarks on a description of her overly complex plans.

Jenni gets the gun. No one gets shot, no one dies.  She just calls the police and it's over.  THE END

Here's the thing: yes, it's a typical erotic thriller with nothing creative or interesting to bring to the table whatsoever. However, the nudity and sex are so plentiful and well-shot, you have to raise your glass to this sleazy triumph.


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