Mar 27, 2021

Vicious Blonde (1968)

In 1968 Nick Millard took a trip to Munich and recorded enough footage for three movies.  What came out of it was this mess.  He subsequently blamed the film's lack of success on the leading lady, Karla Fischer.

Nana (Karla Fischer) drops her dress, having to be the center of attention at upper crust Munich parties.

Nana is a stripper at a giant club called The Yellow Submarine.

The club's upper room is where the real action goes down.

We get full frontal in this scene.  But Millard is sneaky, putting the actress in glasses and a hat.  This isn't Karla Fischer; rather, it's footage Millard filmed when he returned to LA.

Nana fools around with a young guy named George, but then moves on to an old fart named Von Mufah (sp).

From Von Mufah, it's on to a guy named Fontanne.

Her friend Satin (Uta Vargas).

Nana and Fontanne get in a physical fight when he finds a letter written by George.

Nana crashes with Satin.

She moves on to Philippe.

At her 24th birthday party she gets blackout drunk and screams at Philippe.

She passes out.

She gets back with Von Mufah and serves as his dominatrix.

The narrator tells us at the end that Nana dies from blood loss during a botched abortion. THE END

Oh my god.  This was Snyder Cut levels of shitty.  Its first problem is that the whole thing is narrated by a woman who sounds half-asleep.  The second problem is there is no nudity (!), aside from the anonymous girl from the Los Angeles footage, there is not so much as a boob to be found. The third problem is... oh, who care.  This movie sucks.

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