Mar 18, 2021

Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (1978)


(Original Title: Incontri molto... ravvicinati del quarto tipo) Three nerds disguise themselves as aliens in order to get a foxy astronomer and her maid to get naked.

Emmanuelle (María Baxa) is a straight-laced astronomy professor.

She explains to the class her belief that there is life in outer space.  She doesn't realize the students have inserted dirty pictures into her slideshow.

Three losers notice a poster for a science fiction movie.

 Alessio (Alessio Pigna), Orazio (Orazio Donati) and Calogero (Calogero Buttà) have an idea.

Monica (Mónica Zanchi) is Emmanuelle's maid.

There are very few lines of dialog in this movie.  I'm probably writing more words about this film than are actually in the film.

Monica and Emmanuelle hear a strange noise outside.

Three "aliens" show up.  Actually they are Alessio, Orazio and Calogero.

They surround Emmanuelle.

They speak using hand motions and a silly whistling noise.  They instruct Emmanuelle to take off her clothes.

Monica runs to the home of Carmelo (Mario Maranzana) and Maddalena (Marina Daunia) for help.

Carmelo brings his shotgun.  He can't believe his eyes.

Carmelo falls into the room.

Maddalena (Marina Daunia)

The "aliens" leave, and the next day Emmanuelle does research on where these aliens might be from.

The aliens return and Monica lets them in.

Emmanuelle doesn't even need to be told to drop her clothing this time.  She knows what to do.

Emmanuelle starts to feel more than a little aroused by the inspection.

Emmanuelle convinces Monica to disrobe.

Monica is inspected next.

The aliens leave.  Monica and Emmanuelle are left naked and horny.

The experience brings these two together.

Carmelo snoops around like a cartoon goofball trying to get to the bottom of this.

Monica and Emmanuelle sunbathe.

They're back.

This time the girls take the initiative.

The aliens go to Carmelo and Maddalena's place.

Maddalena has been horny for the aliens since she saw them molesting Emmanuelle.  She hikes up her dress and lets the aliens take turns from behind.

Back in astronomy class the next day.

The three nerds can't focus on their professor without picturing her half-nude.

They speak with her after class.. not aware that she knows their game at this point.

Emmanuelle takes a shower.

The nerds arrive costume-less.

Monica lets them in, and they have sex.

Emmanuelle enters the room with a stern look on her face.  Monica runs away.  But then....

This movie was simple with barely any dialog and barely any story. But that's okay; it was still enjoyable.  The sexual content was pretty tame, but nudity was nonstop - with María Baxa and Mónica Zanchi looking absolutely stunning.


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