Mar 5, 2021

The Seductress (2000)


Gabriella Hall and Shauna O'Brien star in this erotic thriller about a "black widow" who keeps killing husbands for their money.

AKA Summer Temptations II

The film starts out on the right foot with Shauna O'Brien in a bad wig having sex.

She poisons the guy and collects his inheritance.

Kay (Gabriella Hall) is engaged to an artist, Paul (Jarod Carey)

They fool around.

Like so many movies (for whatever reason) they roll around in the paint.

Shauna O'Brien has moved on to another bad wig, and another husband - Mr. Stone.

They have sex, and he's very soon dead.  She, once again, collects his inheritance.

Shauna O'Brien has, yet again, moved on to another terrible wig, and an other soon-to-be-dead rich guy.

Kay has begun to suspect something fishy is going on by looking at wedding photographs of the widow's.  She camps outside the house of her current man.

Soon, Kay and the widow (now going by the name Lina) are having a good time in the hot tub with Roman (Vince Vouyer)

Kay and Lina get to know each other.  (Note that this makes no fucking sense when you consider what will be revealed later in the film.)

Kay falls through a broken board in a bridge.

Lina helps her up... but we later learn this may have been planned by Lina.

Lina seduces Paul.

Paul discovers from a newspaper clipping that not only are Lina and Kay sisters, they are both on the run from murdering their previous husbands.  (Thus, it makes zero sense that Kay and Lina would not have known each other, or spent ten full minutes of film time inexplicably getting to know each other earlier. WTF?)

Kay takes a gratuitous shower.

I won't bore you with the convoluted and stupid-as-hell series of events that leads Kay getting arrested and Lina confronting her in prison.  Paul and Roman show up, confronting the two femme fatales. THE END

What the fuck?  I was fully prepared for a generic and dumb erotic thriller, but to like it anyway, thanks to Gabriella Hall.  What I didn't expect was a story that sunk below even these low expectations.  It made zero sense and just totally shits the bed halfway through.  Really disappointing as J. Edie Martin also wrote and directed Sexual Intrigue from this same year, and absolutely killed it, delivering among the best erotic thrillers I've seen.  Go figure.


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