Mar 21, 2021

The Garbage is in the Attic (1979)


(Original Title:La basura está en el ático) I'll watch anything with Raquel Evans - especially one that's directed by the so-called Roger Corman of Spain, Ignacio F. Iquino.  

Liliana (Raquel Evans) and Alberto (Pepe Martín) are two rich degenerates.

Alberto plays piano and Liliana gets aroused

Liliana gets undressed, and I'm sad to report this is the clearest full frontal nudity from Raquel Evans in this film.  Additional FFN is in bad lighting.

Alberto worships his wife's body and snaps pictures of her.

Can you blame him?

Liliana is getting tired of being cooped up in this gorgeous manor.  She wants to go into Barcelona for some decadent fun.

The couple are grinning ear-to-ear.  Ready for some rich-person-level debauchery. 

Liliana only wears blouses which are sheer.

They are the toast of the town.

Alberto passes out pictures of his wife butt-ass naked.

They drive to a desolate park and plan to pick up on the first person they see.

They give instructions to meet them at their hotel.  The meet a soldier and a cross-dresser.

The "dangerous' experience gets Alberto and Liliana all riled up, and they have mad sex.

Anita (Patricia Becker) the maid. She's hilarious - throughout the film, she gets hot-and-bothered by all the decadence surrounding her.  However, no one gives her the time of day.

Cora (Paola Moreno) and her boyfriend Mario, a self-proclaimed Latin Lover., enjoy a sauna.

The paths cross between the two couples.  At a nightclub, Mario and Cora are at the bar when Liliana and Alberto enter.

Mario and Liliana make eye contact...

Remember the cross-dresser from the park? Carla (Cristine Berna) shows up.  Note that Cristine Berna is a female; however, the film will have you believe she has a dick.

Liliana and Alberto are pleased to see the soldier has also showed up.

Alberto takes pictures of Liliana having sex with the soldier.

In the midst of having sex with the soldier, Liliana gets a call from Mario.

Liliana may be a little too hot for Mario for Alberto's liking.

We find that Alberto is a bit of a psychopath, shooting dead the soldier in a hunting "accident".

Anita the neglected maid is waiting for Alberto to arrive looking sexy with no top on.  But Alberto, having just murdered someone, isn't in the mood.

Carla and Cora have sex (Anita watches longingly from the doorway).

Liliana and Mario jump in a car to have sex.

Three ruffians show up; they attack Mario and try to rape Liliana.

Alberto arrives with rifle in hand.

He shoos away the rapists, but has about enough of Mario.

A bit of cat-and-mouse, ending with Mario shooting Alberto.

Shit has gotten out of hand at the house, with Carla pulling a gun.

Liliana is shot and dies in Mario's arms.

Hence the title. Nothing worse than those depraved rich jet-setters.  THE END

Unlikeable characters (minus the maid), a dumb story, and while it certainly "felt" sleazy, the film really didn't have much in the way of trashy content.  Raquel Evans is a godsend, but gets naked surprisingly little.  I could have done without the Carla character.  Not good.


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