Mar 10, 2021

The Daughter of Emanuelle (1975)


With the success of the first Emmanuelle movie, there would be no end to the sequels and imitators for years to come. This was one of the first to ride the Emmanuelle gravy train.  Indeed, it initally wasn't even an Emmanuelle movie; rather, it centers around a girl named Pussy.  Yeah, that's right.  But with the success of Emmanuelle (1974), you could easily hitch your wagon to that money-maker by simply changing the name (and, in this case, just leaving off on of the "m"s).  

The soundtrack (Italy) which I'd actually love to have. The title song is sappy, but there are some really badass grooves in this film.  

The film begins with a very hokey sequence in sepia of a man and woman falling in love during WWII.   On their wedding day she is left at the altar due to wartime circumstances beyond his control.  The man suffers an accident which causes amnesia, and so is unable to explain what happened.  She just assumed he got cold feet and ran away.

Back to present day: we meet a young model named Pussy (Sarah Crespi) and fashion designer Hélène (Macha Magall).

The ladies embrace the "free love" vibe of the seventies and fool around.

Director Jean Luret loves to do extreme close-ups.

Hélène and Pussy take a bath, then move to the bedroom.

Sarah Crespi is super fine, and naked a lot in this picture.  I mean, a lot.

Macha Magall usually pretty hot as well, but that wig is terrible. 

Pussy goes to a party and is starry eyed for the musician.

Hélène is working for a rich client, Roger Lang (Lawrence P. Casey), who we'll recognize as George Anderson, the soldier who stood Emanuelle up a the altar.  He lets the fashion designer know he has no memory of the years after the war.

Hélène, Roger and the rest of the guests watch as Pussy puts on a show.

She dances naked by Roger's library.

Roger runs up there and smacks the shit out of Pussy.  He won't tolerate such exhibitionism in his house.

Days pass, and Roger gets a call from Pussy - but he hangs up on her.

The more Roger rejects her and treats her like shit, the more Pussy is attracted to him.

After much perseverance, she winds up at his estate again. 

Pussy does what she does best - spreads her legs, and rubs her pussy.

Time for more close-ups.

Roger and Pussy have sex.

Hélène tells Pussy that she's being used by Roger.  It's all a lie - Hélène is just jealous of Pussy's attention. But Pussy believes it, and she leaves Roger.

Pussy rebounds to Pierre, a revolutionary law student.

Random sex shop marquees.

We finally meet Emanuelle (Greta Vayan), Pussy's mother.

Emanuelle gets a call from Roger who's looking for Pussy.

Hélène and Pussy work out.  We learn that Pussy is pregnant with Roger's baby.

Roger accepts responsibility for the baby, and Pussy introduces him to her parents.

Emanuelle and Daniel (husband or just boyfriend).  She has a weird vibe about Roger but can't quite put her finger on it.

With her boob hanging out, Emanuelle looks through some old photographs.  She realizes that Roger is actually George!  (How could she possibly not instantly recognize him?)

Emanuelle confronts Roger and tells him she doesn't buy his bullshit story about amnesia.  She believes he intentionally left her at the altar and skipped town.

As Pussy tries to reach Roger, we get an idea of Sarah Crespi's off-the-charts the level of gratuitous nudity.  They couldn't just have her make a phone call fully clothed.  No, she has to be on the throne, and stand up...

Roger is destitute, nearly suicidal.  Not only does he learn of his past, but now he is faced with the reality that he has impregnated the daughter of the woman he left at the altar!

Roger says goodbye to Pussy, who is grief stricken.

Pussy tries to commit suicide: she closes the windows, turns on the gas stove, plays some funky tunes, and falls to the floor.

At the hospital, Emanuelle speaks with Hélène and realizes she still loves Roger and believes his amnesia story.
Emanuelle rushes to the airport with tears streaming down her face.  But she doesn't arrive in time to catch Roger.

Roger is sad and alone on the plane, thinking about Pussy naked...


On the one hand, this is an overly melodramatic romance which surely bored American audiences expecting no-frills titillation from their Emmanuelle movie.  On the other, if you let yourself get caught up in it, it's actually pretty engaging.  As an added bonus, Sarah Crespi is gorgeous and rarely clothed.  Plus,  Jean Luret's style is like eye candy; the best it can be described is like a seventies soap opera, but with artistic flourishes. 

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