Mar 19, 2021

Swedish Bisexual Needs a Stud (1982)


(Original Title: Sueca bisexual necesita semental) A rich guy in a wheelchair can't satisfy his nympho wife.  So, that job is left to his secretary, his son, and yes, even his horse.

Felipe (Josep Castillo Escalona) had an accident that has left him paralyzed below the waist.

His wife Simona (Marina Hedman) will have to find sexual gratification elsewhere.

Simona sunbathes completely nude.

Simona's unending nudity around the estate inspires the interest of Roberto (Jordi Batalla) the butler.  He has sex with the maid Ángela (Selene Marquis) but she plays second fiddle to his voyeurism.

Roberto is secretly watching Simona talk on the phone.

Simona rubs herself.

The arrival of Mirella (Hélène Shirley), Felipe's secretary

Mirella and Simona stare longingly at a horse's penis (!)

They make love out on the lawn.

Simona prepares a bath.

Simona rocks Mirella's world.

Poor, poor Felipe.  Everyone in his house is having sex but him.

The arrival of Luis (Jaime Bascu), his son from a previous marriage.

Mirella looks on with jealousy; she knows Simona has a thing going with her stepson.

Simona goes to a disco with Luis.

Mirella stays home alone and masturbates.

Mirella hears Luis and Simona arrive, and goes to spy on them...

She watches them have sex through the keyhole.

Roberto also watches, which gets him all stirred up to go have sex with Ángela.  Selene Marquis provides an extremely graphic shot during this scene.

"Debbie Downer" Mirella confronts Simona.

Simona, in the night, goes to have sex with the horse!  It's not entirely clear if this is really happening or whether this is Mirella's fantasy.

Mirella tries various fashions on Ángela 

Roberto is watching, and it gets him hot and bothered.

They have sex.

Mirella jumps Simona's bones.

Out of nowhere, Luis steps in and rams his dick into Mirella.  She protests, but begins to like it.

Luis gets a call, meaning he has to go.  Goodbye, Simona.  It's been real.

Marina Hedman continues her tradition of basically not wearing any clothes the duration of a movie.  But as much as I enjoyed the endless nudity and sex, there's just not much going on here.  The dialog is sparse, and it feels cold and detached, with characters barely eeking out a facial expression.  No humor, no nothing - just pure sex.  I guess if that's literally all you are looking for, this may be a ten star film.  For me, it felt utterly forgettable... except for that horse scene, which I can't forget soon enough.


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  1. The nudity alone deserves a 10/10 two of biggest names in sexploitation coming together and providing balls to the wall level of nudity and lesbianism, oh yeah!! This is the only film of marina hedman where she's completely naked most of the time and it's not from a vhsprint, just that's alone is a big thing don't y think