Mar 7, 2021

Silvia Loves Raquel (1979)


(Original Title: Silvia ama a Raquel) Two girls fall in love; but such things are forbidden in rural Spain. Featuring Violeta Cela.

Raquel (Violeta Cela) stares off into the ocean.  Why is she so sad?  This is her story.

After a family tragedy, Raquel lives a quiet, nearly monastic life.

Her mother, Ana (Yelena Samarina), has not been the same since that fateful night when Raquel was just a child.  Ana is forever dour and distant.

Finally a ray of sunshine with the arrival of Silvia (Paola Morra).

Silvia isn't from such a rural out-of-the-way village, and thus a bit more "of the world".

The two girls bond.

After horseback riding, Silvia gets undressed.

She coaxes Raquel to take off her clothes, but she's too shy.

Finally, Silvia tears the gown off and they have some fun...

They wash each other.

This nude scene goes on for quite a while.

Back at the kitchen table, the girls keep up appearances.

Ana is just a barrel of laughs.

Raquel tells Silvia of the night she witnessed her father executed.

They finally act on their love for one another.

Later, they're at it again, out in the forest.

But this time they're being watched.  Their forbidden love is no longer a secret.

Raquel is attacked in the stable, but help arrives before she's hurt.

Leaving town, the girls realize that word has gotten out, and the men are following her.

Raquel is brutally raped.

Silvia is knocked off her horse.  She hits her head on a rock and dies.

And so we're back where we started - with Raquel saying goodbye to her lover.

Anything with Violeta Cela is worth a look, but this was not my cup of tea. A bit too melodramatic with a "forbidden love" story we've seen a million times  Up until the bathing scene, I was bored out of my mind and didn't know if I was going to make it.  Just plain tedious.  But if you can muscle throughh (or better yet, just fast forward), things definitely heat up.  


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