Mar 27, 2021

She Mob (1968)


A "she mob" kidnaps a gigolo in hopes that a wealthy woman will pay the ransom.  A sexy private investigator dressed like a super-spy is hired to retrieve her gigolo.

Rich woman Brenda McClain (Marni Castle) and her gigolo Tony (Adam Clyde)

Let's meet the "she-mob" - a group of female criminals living together.  This is Twig (Twig), a spastic Squeaky Fromme type.

Harry (Joy Dale)

Baby (Eve Laurie)

The butch leader of the gang, Big Shim - played by Marni Castle who also plays the rich lady, Brenda.

Lastly, there's Lorenz (Ann Adams) who is annoyed by the impish Twig.

Shim calls up Tony for a booty call.

When Tony shows up, Shim puts a gun to his neck.  They're holding him for ransom.

Lorenz likes the look of Tony.

Shim keeps her bitch, Baby, in the back room reading tabloids.

Tony is more than a little distracted as Baby walks through.

They compose the ransom note.

Brenda returns home.  God I love her place; I'd love to live there.

After reading the ransom note, Brenda calls a private detective.

Sweety East (Monique Duval) takes the case.  (Her name is obviously a play on Honey West)

Harry takes her turn with Tony, tied to the bed.

Baby pauses from her tabloids to see what's going on...

She rubs herself watching Harry and Tony get it on.

Baby joins in the fun.

Sweety meets with Brenda and forms a plan.

Baby helps Tony escape.  Shim catches them and fires her shotgun.

She blows Baby's ass away.

Tony is brought back.

For whatever reason, the she-mob dresses Tony in their lingerie. 

Then they tie him up.

Sweety shows up with gun drawn.

Sweety knocks the shit out of each one of them.  Twig is absolutely laid out.

Sweety unties Tony and they get out of there.

Law enforcement arrives.  Shim is killed.

Sweety is shot in the back.

Tony stays with Sweety in a hideout.  She's still unconscious.

He undresses her and mends her wounds.

When Sweety is back to consciousness, she and Tony have sex.

She calls Brenda and tells her the deal is off.  She's keeping Tony for herself.

I enjoyed its campy aesthetic and crazy energy. The film seems to have all the ingredients for a cult-classic, but there's just something about it that doesn't quite jive.  



  1. Brenda's place reminds me of Don Draper's apartment.

    1. i.e. paradise. Love that Bachelor Pad Royale aesthetic