Mar 20, 2021

Police Destination Oasis (1982)


(Original Title: L'oasis des filles perdues) This movie has me stumped.  In 1974 there was a movie about sex slave traffickers called The House of the Lost Dolls which used damn near twenty minutes of film from an unrelated movie called Agent Sigma 3: Mission Goldwather (1967) starring Jack Taylor and Silvia Solar.  Now, in 1982 we have another movie about sex slave traffickers which ALSO incorporates twenty minutes of Agent Sigma 3: Mission Goldwather. What in the ever lovin' fuck is going on?  Different movies, different cast and crew, different decades... but both about sex slavery and feeling the need to splice in twenty minutes of a film from the 1960s which has not a goddamn thing to do with anything.  Am I missing a key bit of information here? I have theories...

Annie (Françoise Blanchard) and her friend (? actress) meet a couple guys at a club.  Note that nearly every summary/review I read identifies the friend as Nadine Pascal.  That's definitely incorrect; Pascal turns up later in the film.
Back at the house, they raise a glass.

Little do the girls realize, their drinks have been drugged.

Good times.

Annie's friend goes to the bedroom with the guy.

The fun doesn't last long.  Annie is soon knocked out.

The sex slave traffickers arrive and inspect the merchandise, pulling the fur blanket off of Annie who is unconscious. 

So, now we go to the actual transport of the sex slaves where various women are raped and abused along the way.

The thing is, this is taken directly from The House of the Lost Dolls. This film starts to feel like it's just a bunch of clips from various movies haphazardly stitched together. 

We are shown images of Annie looking at the abuse taking place before her, but really it's all shit from another movie.  (Although, her friend does get raped.)

They're taken to Africa and Annie immediately tries an escape.

She runs through the "jungle" but is quickly apprehended.

Annie meets some of her sex slave roomies. Nadine (Nadine Pascal) tells her story...

Hey, wait.  This is from Ópalo de fuego: Mercaderes del sexo (1980)... what the fuck?

Random nude pillow fight.  I guess sex slavery can be fun?

Another roommate (Rocío Freixas) tells her story.

She's picked up backpacking by herself.

A guy offers to give her a ride and he takes her to get some new clothes.

She tries on different outfits in the dressing room.

She comes out of the dressing room and finds the guy likes to be hit with a belt.  Rocío Freixas' story is so completely irrelevant to the central sex slavery story that I wonder if this was also clipped from another movie. 

Now we're treated to ten to twenty minutes of a random, unrelated movie - Agent Sigma 3: Mission Goldwather (1967).  Dear god, what a mess.

The sex slaves are put to use...

This unknown actress rolls around on the rug butt naked.

The highlight of this movie was watching this old guy enjoying her performance.

The local Africans rise up and expel the sex traffickers. THE END

What a shitty pieced-together movie.  I suppose the reason Agent Sigma 3: Mission Goldwather is in here is because they used The House of the Lost Dolls as the template to splice in the Françoise Blanchard material and didn't have the care or initiative to remove it. In other words, this film just splices in scenes to a film that already had spliced-in material... amounting to a gigantic mess.


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  1. Was this picture made by Eurocine? I know House of Lost Dolls was; and splicing in bits from other pictures was one of the things they were notorious for.