Mar 17, 2021

Orgasmo nero (1980)


A Joe D'Amato erotic tropical movie starring Nieves Navarro, who at the age of 42, still looks damn good - and seems to have gotten less shy as the years went on.  Basically the story is that a rich couple take in a island native girl; things go south, and they should have seen it coming a mile away.

An island tribe has a funeral ceremony for a man killed by a shark.

Paul (Richard Harrison), the anthropologist, watches as the widow, Haini (Lucia Ramirez), eats her dead husband's organs.

Paul's wife, Helen (Nieves Navarro), arrives on the island to be with him while he conducts his "ethnological studies".  She was in London to see a gynecologist, as they're trying to have a baby.

Helen is picked up at the airport by Paul's friend, Henry.

Helen takes a shower at Henry's place.

Nieves Navarro provides a ton of nudity in this film, with frequent close-ups of bush...

Faithful to Paul, Helen doesn't have sex with Henry, who flies her to the remote island where her husband is staying.

Then she travels by boat.  Damn, this place is far.

Paul is a bit of a dud.  His ethnological studies are more important than his wife's needs.

After an unsatisfying hump, Helen is left to masturbate alone.

Helen becomes attracted to Haini - the widow of the shark victim.  Haini has been taken in temporarily by Paul.

Haimi is a bit odd, but Helen is too aroused to notice.

Helen desperately needs to release some sexual steam.  So, she visits Henry.

When he enters the room, he finds Helen's vagina pointed right at him.

Even if she is his friend's wife, he can't resist.

A long scene where we watch Henry eat out Helen.

Back at the house, smoking and reading, Helen can't stop thinking about Haimi.

Again, to release sexual steam, she goes to a bar and picks up the first guy she sees.

They start to have sex, but Haimi comes in with a machete. WTF?  The guy smacks Haimi and gets the fuck out of there.

How does Helen not see that as a warning sign.  Haimi was literally going to chop them up with a machete. Oh, well.  No big deal.  Let's go relax on the beach.

Paul is such a loser.  He doesn't notice the two women in his house are hot for each other.

Never a moment wasted for Nieves Navarro to get naked.  She's constantly getting undressed, taking a shower, sitting in a sauna, etc.

Paul gets wise to their game and confronts Helen.

Henry admits he fucked his wife.

Paul comes home and finds Haimi and Helen making love.

It's more than he can take.  Paul rapes Haimi... but this just serves to get Helen aroused, who joins in.

More close-ups of Nieves Navarro's bush.

Helen learns that she's finally gotten pregnant. As Paul slurps his macaroni, Helen says she's ready to give Haimi the heave-ho. Give her some money and be off with her. 

Their sex life has been restored.  No need for that pesky Haimi anymore.

Paul returns with Haimi to her tribe and is given a drink.

The natives cut out his heart.  Helen screams as the natives offer her the heart of her dead husband. THE END

Nieves Navarro getting naked throughout this film is truly something special.  However, everything else about this movie is boring and lame. 

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