Mar 1, 2021

Nurse by day, waiter by night (1990)


(Original Title: Enfermero de día, camarero de noche) Tristán plays a lovable loser whose fate intertwines with a celebrity played by Susana Traverso.

It starts with a fun illustrated title sequence.

Tristán (Tristán) works two jobs - pharmacist's assistant by day, and waiter at a hotel bar by night. Fernando (Rolo Puente) is his friend who also works at the bar.

Tristán is infatuated with celebrity Susana Alberti (Susana Traverso)

Susana wakes up in the morning...

And we get a nice nude scene from Susana Traverso

Tristán is courting a girl at the pharmacy where he works.

Carolina (Camila Perissé) is awkward and shy, while her aunt (Gilda Lousek) is overbearing and makes it difficult for Tristán to get anywhere with her niece. 

Tristán hangs another poster of Susana on his wall and kisses it.

Tristán's pharmacy job entails making housecalls to administer shots.  As we'll see - mostly to the backsides of pretty females.  Currently, he's to give a shot to the maid (? actress).

The camera leers up the dress of the maid as she bends over.

Tristán gives her the shot. 

As fate would have it, the maid works for Susana.

Susana is way out of Tristán's league, and speaks with her lover in the navy.

Talking with him gets Susana hot and bothered.

A beautiful woman  (Paula Martínez) comes into the bar.

Fernando's interest is piqued. 

She requests room service and Fernando is happy to oblige.

But things don't exactly go his way.  Fernando's dick gets caught in his zipper.

Another customer, Lucy (Silvia Peyrou), requests champagne delivered to her room.

Tristán watches her prepare for a shower while stroking the bottle neck vigorously. 

Silvia Peyrou also appeared in King Solomon's Mines (1986) - a movie which had a lot of the same cast as this film.

Tristán is requested to help fix Lucy's shower, but it predictably ends in a flailing failure.

Lucy offers Tristán her towel.

Lucy's husband suddenly is at the door, and Tristán hides under the bed.

The couple make their way to the bed, with Tristán cowering below.

The couple are so into it, that they don't even notice when Tristán gets up to leave.

Tristán tries to have some alone time with Carolina.

But this ends in disaster, with Carolina leaving in a huff.

For injuries they've received (recall Fernando's zipper issue), they go to see Dr. Pocho (Juan Fidel Iturria), and we're treated to some physical comedy of a non-sexual bent for once.

Tristán's next housecall is this gal with an incredible backside.

He watches her ascend the stairs with a laser focus.  The punchline to this setup is that the girl with the marvelous behind isn't the one he's to administer the shot to - it's her much uglier roommate.

Another housecall. A father leads Tristán to his two sick daughters who need a shot...

Dad pulls up the covers and asks his infirm daughters to roll over.

This is insane.

This is fucking sex comedy gold.

Tristán returns to administer another shot to the maid.

Shit hits the fan when a robber attacks Susana.  Tristán tries to defend her, resulting in the robber getting shot with own gun and dying.

Meanwhile the maid meets with her secret lover.

Tristán enlists Fernando to help them out.  The three of them decide to transport the body of the robber in their car for disposal in a remote location.  

While Fernando and Susana dispose of the body, Tristán stays in the car and is accosted by a prostitute.


Susana is in disguise, but is recognized by the prostitutes when they fight and her wig is removed.

After a chaotic skirmish, the three drive away and head to the hotel where they work.

Susana pairs up with her navy lover, while Tristán receives a surprise visitor...

It's Carolina who has ditched her dowdy persona in favor of a scorching hot new look.


Ridiculous - the amount of gratuitous T&A in this film is insane; nonstop boobs and butts from start to finish.  And Tristán is a goddamn comedy genius.  When it's time for him to react to a sexy woman, nobody does it better.  If I had a complaint it's that the real story (involving the robber and the body disposal, etc.) doesn't even get going until the last quarter of the film.  And while I can certainly appreciate the many house calls Tristán makes, there are a few (not even mentioned in this review) that seemed pointless.  Still, a really funny and dazzlingly sexy film.



  1. Hey, love your work, I know this could be a bit difficult for you but can you suggest some new movies from post 2000 era with lots of nudity and sleaze? Not famous ones like dreamers or malena but from what you have experienced from this site!

    1. The best answer maybe to click the years in the sidebar and see some examples poster here. Then, if you find a good one, then it's easy to go down the rabbit hole via looking for other works by the director, actresses, etc.

      Admittedly it becomes increasingly difficult to find good ones from the 2000s. Yes, it's a needle in a haystack situation, but the ones that are bad are REALLY bad. You find a bad one from the seventies or eighties, it's usually still worth a watch due to nostalgia or its sincerity, etc. You find a bad 2000s movie (i.e. a straight to streaming shitshow full of tatted up actresses being brutalized) it will have you swearing off these kinds of movies forever.

      That being said, I do want to get more into current movies and will be making an effort to do so before too long. I know there are plenty of good ones out there that need to be uncovered.

  2. Can you please answer the above?