Mar 27, 2021

Night of the Groping Dead (2001)

It's time for your semi-annual dose of Misty Mundae.  That means an ultra-cheap, ultra-sleazy semi-entertaining "film" awaits.

Welcome to Suds City Laundromat

Ruby (Ruby Larocca) is doing her laundry in an empty laundromat.

Since no one is around, she decides to play with herself.

She falls asleep on the table and a zombie janitor enters.

The zombie starts molesting her while she's asleep.

Ruby must be a very heavy sleeper.

Ruby runs to her car when she awakens.  The zombies attack from the backseat.  This is my favorite scene simply for that automatic seatbeal that slid across the track over the door.  Those were terrible.

She's captive of Marcus Desade, the Zombie King

Marcus has her raped by a zombie.

When she awakens, she's a zombie herself.

But now she's the Zombie Queen.

She kills Marcus.

Ruby commands her zombie army to bring her fresh meat.

Here comes Misty Mundae

Misty is brought to the Zombie Queen.

Ruby undresses and molests Misty who is passed out.

Misty starts to convulse.  She's turning into a zombie.

She's now "Dawn".  (Get it? Dawn of the Dead.  Ugh.)

Dawn: "I want to go to the mall."
Ruby: "Let's do it."
Dawn: "What about world domination?"
Ruby: "Fuck it."

Every bit as stupid as you imagine, There's something about a magic stone called the "The Crack of Dawn" but it's amounts to maybe a line or two.  This thing is just sleaze-on-a-shoestring and I think there should always be a place for garbage like this.


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