Mar 15, 2021

Nazi Love Camp 27 (1977)


A Nazisploitation film from Italy starring Sirpa Lane.  It's a WIP film of sorts, as all the women are captives in the infamous "Joy Division" of the SS.

Hannah Meyer (Sirpa Lane) and Kurt von Stein (Giancarlo Sisti) make love in the great outdoors.

They return to Hannah's family home.  Life is good - but not for long.

Hannah's family are Jews; their property is confiscated by the Nazis.

Kurt is sent off to war as a Nazi; meanwhile, Hannah's family is killed.

Hannah is lined up with other women to be shipped to the Nazi love camp - the infamous "Joy Division".

The women are told to strip.

Hanna included.

No sooner are they brought to the barracks, Hannah and another girl are singled out and brought to a barn.

The girl (Sarah Crespi) is held down and raped by a series of German soldiers.

This makes me a little sad to watch as Sarah Crespi was such a joy in  The Daughter of Emmanuelle (1975) - it's a little jarring to see her get so brutally raped.

Hannah receives the same treatment.

The girl decides to make a run for it.

She hits an electrical fence and is jolted to death.

Time for the medical inspections.

Lela Goldschmidt (Christiana Borghi)  is examined first.

Hannah is next.

In anticipation of the arrival of a group of German soldiers they are to satisfy, the girls are told, "If ever once a German soldier of the Third Reich is not satisfied with your services it will be his duty to make a report. After three reports, your fate will be absolutely sealed."

The soldiers arrive.

Hannah goes through with it, but she refuses to smile as commanded.

The prisoners are lined up, and a girl is singled out.

It's Lela Goldschmidt (Christiana Borghi) again.

In front of everyone, she's stripped and tied to a table.

She's then beaten until she's unconscious (or dead?)

The guards untie her and carry her off.

 Christiana Borghi was a stunning beauty who appeared on a bunch of magazine covers.  She was in several exploitation films before settling down into a fairly successful TV career.

So strange to see the ravishing Christiana Borghi being tortured nude and handled like a sack of meat.  Kinda disturbing.

So, she's carried off the table and laid down (presumably for disposal).

Hannah gets the attention of Captain Kurt von Stein (Giancarlo Sisti) and is brought to his house.

Kurt explains that if Axel likes her, then she can stay and live.  But if Axel doesn't...

While Kurt goes to get Axel, Hannah finds clues that Kurt is into kinky sex, with a whip on the mantel.

Axel turns out to be Kurt's German Shepherd.  Hannah is chased around the room by the dog. 

She satisfies Kurt with whipping him, and he keeps her around.

Meanwhile, the other girls workout.

So much nudity in this film. Goddamn.

The girls are on break later, when they receive an important visitor...

It's Klaus - Hannah's old flame.  He's now a captain in the SS.

The girls salute him.

Klaus has come to take his sister (Renata Moar) back home.  However, she refuses - she wants to do her civic duty by getting pregnant by a Nazi.

A big party at the Joy Division; a bunch of high ranking Nazis enjoy the company of the women.

In one room, a Nazi watches to of the ladies have sex.

In another room things aren't so peaceful.  Elsa (Rita Moscatelli) is horrified to see what an old Nazi plans to do to her...

Yes, that's a horn he's holding.  Elsa is penetrated with the horn and dies.

Elsa's body is found by the other ladies.

Hannah, who now runs the brothel, coldly tells them to just clean up the mess.

Klaus and Hannah are reunited, but it's not the same.  She is not the same girl he once knew.

Hannah starts killing Nazis.

She tells them she's a Jew and proud of it - then they shoot her dead.


If ever there was a movie that warranted a restored Blu-ray release it was this.  However, I can perhaps understand why it hasn't been top on Vinegar Syndrome's list - it's not very fun.  Most of these WIP films can get pretty violent, but there's generally a tongue-in-cheek vibe.  The Ilsa films are a prime example: they can be ridiculously over-the-top with the rape, torture, and whatnot.  However, you at least have a little relief as it feels almost campy - like a cover of an old pulp magazine.  This however, played it completely straight, effectively so.  There's nothing funny about it; nothing campy or fun - it's just a miserable (but well made) demonstrations of the horrors of WWII.


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