Mar 7, 2021

My Wife Is Not My Lady (1978)


(Original Title - Mi mujer no es mi señora) An Argentinian comedy starring the great Alberto Olmedo (sans Jorge Porcel) and Nadiuska. It's your typical sex romp, with "Three's Company" levels of misunderstandings and resulting comedy of errors.

Alberto Olmedo plays Juan Carlos Rivera, a successful businessman and playboy.  He even has a Murphy Bed in his office.

Felipe (Joe Rígoli) is Juan's bumbling assistant

Juan routinely assaults the poor guy; even throwing knives at him.

Felipe runs into María (Nadiuska) and her mother Segismunda (Olga Zubarry).  María will be perfect for a commercial for a very important client.

Juan first tries to enlist a series of models for the job. Each girl he calls can't commit.

This particular model provides the only full frontal nudity in the film.  As she talks on the phone, the shadow of the flowers conceal an up-close bush shot. A fine example of the "scenery censor" as we call it on VZ1.  Unfortunatley, I don't know who this actress is.

When she returns to get her calendar, we see the full monty.  So, I'm not quite sure whey they needed such an overt scenery censor (unless there is some rule about how long full frontal nudity can be onscreen?)

Thanks to Felipe, Juan finally meets María and her mother.  She not only agrees to be in the commercials, she also agrees to be his wife - they hit it off instantly.

Juan's new in-laws: Segismunda (Olga Zubarry) and Don Homero (José Calvo)

Here is where the central comedy of errors begins.  Segismunda believes she was wronged by Juan in years past (thanks to a misheard conversation; a "Three's Company" style misunderstanding).  So, she enacts a rather cruel revenge by telling Juan that he is actually María's father. That fateful night on the train got her pregnant; Don Homero thinks he is María's father, but he is not.  Of course, all of this is a lie.

Juan swoons; he can't handle the fact that he has a super hot wife.... who is actually his daughter! Of course, María is completely in the dark about Segismunda's trick.

María desperately tries to get Juan to have sex, but he is horrified by the idea.

And thus begins one of many topless scenes courtesy Nadiuska.

Poor María can't comprehend why Juan keeps spurning her advances.

Segismunda delights in how well her trickery is playing out.

Felipe has a comical relationship with the maid, Tina (Adriana Parets). You may remember Parets from La clínica loca (1988)

Blink and you'll miss the nudity from Adriana Parets

A gratuitous shower scene; Nadiuska delivering the goods.

María's confusion has turned to sadness as she feels she isn't sexually appealing to Juan.

Tuca (Pata Villanueva) daughter Señor Cortez - the high profile client whose product María will be a spokesmodel. 

A hilarious moment: Tuca comes on to Juan, laying on the Murphy Bed.  When Señor Cortez unpexpectedly shows up at his office, Juan acts quickly - sending the bed back into the wall with Tuca still on it!  I'm reminded of this exact thing happening in Sex Appeal (1986).

Tina and Tuca get into a cat fight, with Juan and Felipe trying to break it up.

Of course, their compromising position is revealed...

And it's right as Felipe accidentally knocks out Tina with a right hook.  So it looks especially bad.

María and her mother can't believe their eyes.

Felipe desperately tries to revive Tina.

Juan tries to explain, but Tuca ruins everything.

Segismunda is beginning to think her trick has goon too far.  It's really hurting her daughter more than anyone.

More gratuitous toplessness from Nadiuska

At his office, Juan comes on strong to Segismunda.

Don Homero comes in with a gun and shoots Juan!

Segismunda faints, and Juan is now free to laugh.  Yes, Juan and Don Homera had figured out her trickery, and have turned the tables on her.

Juan is able to further leverage his fake blood to get María to take him back.  They embrace and make love - right  in front of the entire crew. THE END

I wish they made more silly sex comedies like this these days. It seems like our American comedies for the past couple decades have had precious little female nudity yet the "jokes" are all super vulgar  A complete reversal from when the nudity was abundant and the comedy silly and light.   I'll take this overa Judd Apatow movie any day.

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