Mar 27, 2021

My Tale Is Hot (1964)


A nudie-cutie about a goofy schmuck who gets repeatedly tempted to cheat on his wife by the devil in an effort to claim a soul for hell.

Lucifer U. Devil (Max Gardens) is upset that he hasn't claimed a soul since Hitler.  He tells Saturna (Ima Ghoul) he's going to tempt a dude to cheat on his wife. 

That dude is Ben-Hur Ova (Jack Little) who was voted the "World's Most Faithful Husband" by Ladies House Companion magazine.

His wife, Miasis-Ova (Bea Reddy), is clearly out of his league.  No wonder he hasn't cheated.

Miasis gets hot gardening and takes off her top and pants.

Lucifer pops up through the lawn.

Miasis runs to tell Ben.

The rest of the movie is basically Lucifer showing Ben a parade of temptations.

The first is a girl in a bathtub.

Lucifer has more to show him.

And there's more.  (Note the devil horn antenna.) 

He takes Ben to a burlesque club.

The two ticket girls are wrapped in Lucifer's cape...

When Lucifer opens his cape, the two ladies are dazed and their clothes in tatters.

Who is this girl? According to the credits she's Carry Meoff. Indeed, all the females in this film are given fake names.  There are a number of different actresses/roles lumped into a single name - Lotta Partz.

"What you need is more girlie relish on your devil-dog." The most unbearable thing about this movie are the terrible jokes.  Lucifer and Ben constantly drop bad puns and lame sexual innuendos. 

Ben is shown one of the burlesque dancers.

He gets a peek through prison walls...

Despite being offered all these beautiful women, Ben remains faithful.

He gets a look at this gal through a keyhole.

Lucifer interrupts Ben's favorite show, The Wonderful World of Disney with another temptation...

Stock footage of famous stripper Candy Barr

Lucifer has to return to Saturna and admit he failed. 

But the joke is on Lucifer.  The reason Ben is able to resist all these women is because he's actually a sheikh with a harem!

A topless belly dancer performs.

Lucifer sheepishly begs for a taste of one of Ben's harem, but Saturna catches him and drags him back to hell.

All the nude harem girls get up and dance.

This is the very definition of a nudie-cutie.  Campy, risque and incredibly silly.  If you're a fan of the genre, this is about as good as they get.


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