Mar 7, 2021

My Fiancée the Transvestite (1975)


The original title for the film was simply "Mi novia el..." as they were not allowed to include the word "travesti" in the title.  It's a take-off on Victor Victoria where Alberto Olmedo believes a stage performer he’s in love with is a transvestite, and subsequently wrestles with thoughts that he may be homosexual.

María Isabel (Susana Giménez) has the stage persona Dominique, a supposed transvestite.

Dominique really is a woman, but she's getting more success pretending she's really a transvestite.

Laucha (Alberto Olmedo) is in the audience and feels something for this performer he knows he isn't supposed to.

He goes out to a clube with his friends.  You'll note VZ1 MVP Tristán on the right.

Dominique takes the stage.

She delivers an incredible performance in a champagne glass

Back at work, he's a terrible harasser of the female factory operators.

Of course these ladies, including Constanza Maral, don't mind his advances one bit.  Indeed, they often inititate it.

Following up on a bet, Laucha goes hom with the "transvestite" Dominique.

Naturally, this results in all manner of conflicting feelings within Laucha.

Laucha's buddies, outside his apartment, are dismayed by this turn of events.

The next morning, Lince (Cacho Espíndola), his brother, comes over and spies Dominique getting dressed...

Based on what he can see, Lince approves.

Dominique goes to a lingerie store with Laucha.  It's supposed to be scandalous because Dominique is reqesting to try on the lingerie - and the store clerk believes she's male.  For me, this is all undercut by the fact that Dominique doesn't look at all like a male... just a female with short hair.  Could they not have made her look a bit more boyish?

Questioning his own sexuality, Laucha gets one of his factory workers (? actress) to sleep with him.  As mentioned, all his workers are apparently ready and willing at any time. Go figure.

They have sex... but Lauch just isn't feeling it. 

He only has eyes for Dominique.

Does this mean he's gay?

Their relationship takes off, and Laucha meets the parents of Dominique, really María Isabel.

Laucha's family is distraut over the news (learned from a tabloid) that he is seeing a transvestite burlesque performer.

When the news gets out, the girls at the factory give him hell. Constanza Maral taunts him.

Leonor Onis and the rest of the girls laugh at him.

He also gets his ass kicked by the male factory workers.

Laucha's family confronts him.  Things have gotten out of hand.

How's it all turn out for Laucha and Dominique?  Watch and find out.

It was well directed, Olmedo is always great, plus Susana Giménez was super hot.  Yet, it all felt a bit lame - with no great bursts of comedy.  As mentioned, some of the humor was undercut by Susana Giménez not really looking like a guy when she's supposed to be dressed as a male.  Sorry, just because she has short hair and a button-down shirt doesn't make her very convincing as a guy - and it detracts from some of the gags based on others thinking she's a he.  Whatever - it's a small gripe.  The bigger problem is that it's not very interesting or funny.


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