Mar 27, 2021

Moonshine Love (1969)


An ultra-cheap black & white hicksploitation flick about a criminal who gets amnesia and winds up in love with a moonshiner's daughter.

So, I gather this was originally released as "Sod Sisters" but re-released in 1970 as "Moonshine Love".

The title credits contain some fun looks behind the camera.

A small-time criminal (James Schacht) convinces Tom (Tim E. Lane) to get in on a petty crime. Tom is all in to "put some knuckles on an old cat who's been carryin' a big payroll around".

It all goes down at the Woolworth's parking lot.

The robbery goes awry and Tom escapes with the loot alone.

Deep in the backwoods live Zeb (Hank Harrigan) and his two daughters, Jeannie (Genie Palmer) the blonde and Lily (Breege McCoy) the brunette.

Tom has an accident and is found unconscious by the hillbillies.  They don't offer assistance, but rather leave well enough alone.

On their way home, the cross a rickety bridge.

The girls cause it to sway and Zeb falls in the creek, providing a look up the girls' dresses.

Zeb gives Jeannie a spanking for making him fall off the bridge.

Jeannie and Lily skinny dip and come upon Tom again.  They help him back their cabin.

At the local strip club in town...

Chico and Moose (Glenn Stensel) decide they need to go looking for Tom who ran off with their money.

Jeannie does chores.

Zeb tends to the moonshine.

Tom has finally come to.  He helps around the homestead and gets aqueinted with Jeannie.

Tom has gotten Jeannie hot and bothered. In bed, she writhes with lust.

She pulls out a carrot!

Wow.  This is unexpectedly explicit.

Tom enters Jeannie's room and throws back the sheets.

A little gratuitous full frontal nudity from Lily.

The girls fix breakfast.

The homestead is visited by a lawman looking for Zeb's moonshine still.

Lily pretends to be helpful, but sends him to the barrel of Zeb's shotgun instead.

Uh-oh.  Here comes Chico and Moose.

Moose grabs Jeannie.

Her dress is ripped open.

Don't fuck with Zeb.  He saves the day.

Jeannie throws the loot from the swinging bridge.  While everyone scrambles for the cash, her and Tom walk off together. THE END

No doubt, this was stupid; however, it had a cheesy charm.  I enjoyed the shots of the old grocery store, and was pleasantly surprised by the graphic carrot scene. I'm sure a million movies like this have been lost to the traces of time, and I'm glad at least this was preserved. 


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