Mar 27, 2021

Midnight Obsession (1995)


(Original Title: Fuga di mezzanotte) A hardcore WIP film from Joe D'Amato.  The title alludes to Midnight Express, but really doesn't represent this film very well. A title liked "Raped Behind Bars" would've been more appropriate.

The German title is more on point.

Sarah (Anita Rinaldi) is an American in Turkey.

She sleeps with a journalist named Roy (Alberto Rey) who has pictures of war crimes committed in Kurdistan.

Sarah is waylaid at the airport on suspicion of her association with Roy.

The authorities perform a cavity search.

The warden (Shalimar) produces the roll of film from her butthole.  That's right, Sarah had smuggled the cannister up her ass. 

Margaret (Erica Bella) from the American embassy tries to help Sarah.

The Turks take Margarite to an abandoned building and rape her.

The prisoners are inspected.

Sarah is forced to strip for a medical inspection in front of everyone.

Barely behind bars for five minutes, Sarah is raped by her cellmates.

The arrival of Colonel Tamurk (Philippe Soine) who promptly manhandles the warden.

In turn, the warden has sex with a prisoner (Jean-Yves Le Castel)

Hey, look who showed up to save Sarah- the French journalist, Roy. 

Sarah is subsequently raped by a lustful prisoner.

Roy jumps in and strangles him with a chain.

Roy escapes (he seems to come and go from this prison as he pleases) and shows up at Margaret's house.  We've got to save Sarah!

Sarah is busy being molested by the warden for the millionth time.

Roy and Margaret show up and hold the warden at gunpoint.

The warden and Sarah exchange uniforms.

Free at last!

This is the WIP genre distilled down to just the sexual elements.  While those parts are great - and the hallmark of these films - a lot of the fun WIP tropes gets jettisoned to make room for more hardcore sex.  


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