Mar 7, 2021

Lust (1986)


(Original Title: Lussuria) A Joe D'Amato film about a mute who spends his days fantasizing about his relatives.

Alessio (Martin Philips) has been rendered mute after the death of his mother.  His father Roberto (Al Cliver) has a new wife, Marina (Noemie Chelkoff).

They have dinner and Alessio begins to fantasize about his stepmother.

He imagines she's working in a bordello

On the drive to their country estate, Alessio fatasizes about Marina again...

He has this fantasy several times in this film, each time with a different woman in his life.  In this fantasy, his stepmother Marina approaches him as he lays on the floor.  It's viewed from his perpective as Marine removes her coat, revealing nothing underneath.

The view is strategically lit so not to be too graphic.

So, yeah, Alessio is fantasizing about his stepmother fucking him.

At the country manor, he's greeted by his Aunt Marta (Lilli Carati).

Marina enters Marta's room. 

Alessio watches the whole thing from the doorway.

Later, Alessio eyes his aunt from across the room...

He has the same fantasy as before, but this time with Marina looking down upon him.

Catherina (Ursula Foti), his sister

She's restoring some frescos, showing off a bit of leg...

Of course, Alissio drifts into fantasy.

Later, he eyes Aunt Marta sleeping.

Later, he watches Marta get it on with the gardener.

He has surreal nightmares about all three women - Marina, Marta and Catherina.

At a posh party, Alessio pulls his dick out and pisses on the floor.

The crowd is appalled. 

In the bedroom with Robeto and Marina.

They discuss this and that about Alessio; but it's just background noise amid the nudity.

Lots of this.  Boring.

Roberto gets it going with Catherina.

Alessio has his usual fantasy - this time with Catherina over him.

The three women come to Roberto; tonight is Catherina's turn.

Alissio pulls a gun on Catherina.  We hear a shot and it's Alessio who's dead.

Everyone's shocked. THE END

Oh, dear me.  This was terrible.  None of it made sense, and it was too boring to warrant the investment to figure it out.  Yeah, it contained a good bit of nudity, but even that wasn't the best.  I had real trouble telling apart Lilli Carati and Ursula Foti - they looked the same, acted the same; I mean, even the same fucking hair color and style. What a stupid movie.


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