Mar 19, 2021

Look at the Popcorn (1985)


(Original title: Mirame la palomita) How many Olmedo y Porcel movies have we covered at this point?  At least ten - and I'm looking forward to ten more.  I think I love these because we've never had a comedy team like this in the US in my lifetime - where the duo is equally silly as they are perverted. They would have been considered too cheesy in the seventies, and too politically incorrect in the recent decades.  The UK at least had Benny Hill; Italy, Mexico and other countries had equivalents.  In the States we have nothing remotely like this - the closest we got was Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. 

Cayetano (Jorge Porcel) is a talent agent traveling with his wife Carola (Susana Traverso) to Mar del Plata.  They get in an argument on the way...

Carola's faint praise over a billboard featuring the latest erotic film starring Federico Lupa sparked the argument.  

Also headed to Mar del Plata is Federico Lupa (Alberto Olmedo) for the premier of his movie.  He's outraged that the billboard is in the middle of a cow pasture.

He runs into a woman (? actress) parked in an RV nearby. She recognizes him as a famous actor.

As enters the RV, Federico accidentally steps on the woman's dress.  She's completely nude underneath.  Pretty rare to have close-up full frontal nudity in an Olmedo-Porcel flick.

Federico presumes the disrobement was a gesture from the woman to have sex. But before he can get started, her hunter husband arrives and chases him away.

Turco (Mario Sapag) is a comedian impressionist who is being signed by Cayetano; they are all meeting in Mar del Plata.  His super hot wife is Alicia (Mónica Gonzaga).

Carola and Alicia are stone cold foxes, and way out of the league of Cayetano and Turco - but that's sort of the joke.

They agree to go their separate ways for an evening with Cayetano and Turco spending time at the casino while the girls go see Federico's premier. Goddamn Turco's attempts at humor in this film are pure cringe.

Alicia gets ready for a night at the movies.

Turco the "master impressionist" wears a Mr. T mask.

Cayetano turns on some music.  Carola sings and dances while she gets ready.

A magnificent topless scene from Susana Traverso.

Alicia and Carola watch Federico's premier.

In this scene a woman is running totally naked through the woods, chased by Federico.

I'm pretty sure this woman is Nancy Herrera who was involved with Olmedo and was with him that tragic morning in the Mar de Plata apartment.

She hops into a boat where she has sex with Federico.

After the movie, Federico watches these hotties dance and sing.  The middle girl is Silvia Peyrou.

It's a disco song; yeah, I know it's 1985, but it's a disco song.

At the end of the song, it's revealed the dresses are open in the back.

My thoughts exactly.

Turco and Cayetano go to the casino as planned.  They're captivated by the many hot babes around.

Carola's car breaks down and Federico stops to help her.

Carola is grateful and he drives her to her place.

They have to go through a window - giving the opportunity for the oldest and perviest trope in film - the girl on ladder.

They get inside and it's apparent that Carola's dress has become completely transparent from the rain.

Federico is further flustered when she shivers from the cold and her titis pop out.

Carola sends Federico on his way, but he's attacked by dogs and has to return.

Still wearin' that wet dress.

My thoughts exactly.

Cayetano isn't exactly behaving himself at the casino.  He's getting kicked in the nuts by every hot girl in a short skirt he hits on.

Remember those bottomless dancers?  Cayetano and Turco have them in their hotel room.

Things are getting a little randy between Carola and Federico after some drinks.

But there's a problem - sleeping pills end up in their coffee instead of sugar cubes.  

Carola falls asleep.  Federico desperately tries to stay awake... he was so close.  But they end up both passing out in bed.

Cayetano calls to check on Carola.

Federico, drugged from the sleeping pills, tells Cayetano that he's here with his wife!

Cayetano finds his place a total wreck.

He finds Federico and Carola in bed.

Carola pleads with Cayetano that she didn't have sex with Federico.

Alicia wakes up without Turco - so he's in hot water as well.

The film should have ended there, but it sort of skips along for another ten to fifteen minutes.  A bunch of gags and craziness, but not much to do with anything we just saw other than the marital problems caused by that night.  Of course, it ends up okay, with Cayetano back with Carola, and Federico frolicking with the bottomless dancers.

A lot of fun, with plenty of naughtiness; however, it wasn't anything remarkable.  I think the main problem is that Olmedo and Porcel don't really get to play off each other as they hardly share a scene. Traverso is dynamite as always.


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