Mar 14, 2021

Lady Emanuelle (1989)


This Emanuelle entry from France has almost no plot, and is really just a vehicle to show off Malù's gorgeous body as much as possible.... and I'm all for it.

Emanuelle (Malù)

She's married to rich asshole Michael (Gianni Macchia)

When I say "asshole", I mean abusive rapist.

Michael and Emanuelle go dancing.

At the club, Marc (Antonio Zequila) hits on her.

Later, he rapes her.  So, yeah, this is rape number two for Emanuelle.

Meanwhile, Michael is hitting on Lyonn (Micaela).

Emanuelle gets to know Lyonn.

Emanuelle fantasizes about Lyonn..

Their attraction for each other blooms.

An odd scene where the ladies are surrounded by a nefarious dirt bike gang. 

Emanuelle and Lyonn smoke a hookah.

In a drug induced stupor.

Emanuelle packs her bags to leave Michael, but he gets handsy.

He has to take her from behind one last time.

Emanuelle stays with Lyonn who seduces her with chopsticks (!)

They enjoy each other's company.

They invite a guy over, but it's just to fuck with him.

But you can't keep Emanuelle tied to just one lover.  She enjoys the company of another man.

Lyonn is sad about it, and gloomily writes in her diary.

Emanuelle moves on to another dude.

Lyonn confronts Emanuelle.

Emanuelle has a solution.

She has this guy make love to Lyonn while she watches.  Now they're even.

Lyonn hates every minute of it.

Emanuelle moves on to Pierre (José Dingeo).  They make love - and she's wearing some extremely loose undergarments which provide quite a view from behind.

Emanuelle realizes she's being watched by Lyonn.

Lyonn is violently jealous and arranges for Pierre to get his ass beat.

Emanuelle knows Lyonn is behind it, and attacks her.

Lyonn had her revenge, but she's now alone. THE END

There is barely a shred of story here, and it's ponderously boring and unimaginative. Everyone is wooden and detached.  Despite all this, the film is strikingly beautiful.  If the Pasquale Fanetti's aim was to simply show Malù in a stylishly erotic way, he succeeded. 

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