Mar 25, 2021

La desnuda chica del relax (1981)


A sleazy Spanish film about a group of criminals who go around raping women, doing drugs and stealing shit. 

Three druggie thugs: Isidoro (Albert Dueso), Carlos (Emilio Soriano), Tomas (Hugo Mezcua) and their moll (Diana Conca)

They carjack a taxi with this poor woman (Carla Remy) in it.

They take the taxi out to the sticks and drag the girl down into the woods.

An incredibly graphic gang rape.

 Carla Remy was only in this one film.

The gang's moll just smokes a cigarette on the sidelines. 

I Spit On Your Grave level rape in its length and graphic depiction.

After they've all had their turn, Isidoro stabs her and she dies.

They leave her dead, on the trail..  The rest of the film has its intense moments, but nothing compares to this scene.  It all seems a bit weakened after getting gobsmacked by this opener.

Isidoro and the gang shoot up heroine.

On to the next crime: Andrea (Eva Robin) is carjacked.

Isidoro watches from the driver seat as Carlos rapes Andrea. They take her jewelry, but leave her alive.

Ricardo (Carlos Villafranca) tries to comfort his wife, but Andrea has been too fucked up by the incident to even form a coherent sentence.

Carlos fucks the moll.

First he smacks her around, and we get some FFN from Diana Conca.

Andrea can't stop thinking about her rapist.

In the tub, she fantasizes about Carlos.

The "Relax" section of the newspaper - where we find a certain whorehouse.

Let's meet the whores...

Gardenia (Andrea Albani)

Gardenia in bed with a client.

This dude likes to watch...

Andrea is obsessed with finding her rapist.  She scopes out the seediest dive bars in town.

The thugs hold up the whorehouse.

Carmen Serret gets abused...

Carlos and Andrea pledge their love.  Isidoro is not cool with this.

Carlos is killed, a bunch happens - but it's too dark to tell what the fuck is going on.

The police arrive and Isidoro, the last of the three at large, is shot. THE END

Trashy as hell, so you'd think it'd be good.  It's not.  As mentioned, it starts off with a profoundly graphic and disturbing rape, so everything after seems a little dulled.  There's not a single likeable character, much of it takes place in the dark (so dark, it's often unclear what's happening), and after the whorehouse is introduced, it seems to lose focus and just ramble about. Not the best.


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