Mar 26, 2021

It Happened in the Boarding School (1985)


(Original Title: Sucedió en el internado) An Argentinian film about a boarding school which is being stalked by a mysterious killer. 

Charly (Boris Rubaja) and his gang.

The gang on motorcycles harrasses a woman (Mimí Ardú) driving down a lonely road.

The woman and her husband are assaulted.

Gratuitous zoom-in.

After a long harrassment, their car is forced to wreck and the woman is raped and murdered.

Two girls in the gang, Cynthia (Ana María Ricci) on the right, watch the violence with glee.

Meanwhile, at the Lander Hall Institute, Professor Melissa Gutiérrez (Marcela Ruiz) gets the warden (Adriana Parets) drunk so that she won't notice the late-night arrival of Cynthia and the other gang girl.

Melissa gets her good and hammered then sneaks the girls in.

Unbeknownst to her, one of the students is murdered and thrown in a well. 

The students learn aerobics.

Afterwards, they take a shower.

They're watched by the gardener (Julio De Grazia). Could he be the killer?

A nude cat fight erupts.

Professor Adriana Casares (Mariana Karr). Karr became famous on TV for decades, but I mainly know her from the satanic masterpiece Satan's Blood (1978), where she was constantly nude.

Amanda (Viviana Sáez) is a servant at the the Lander Hall Institute

Charly's gang shows up and molests the poor girl.

Amanda breaks free and runs into Adriana.

The collision causes her papers to drop.  Adriana bends down to pick them up...

She notices she's being watched.

Rich girl Cynthia initiates sex with her chauffeur. 

Cynthia moves on from the chauffeur to Professor Melissa Gutiérrez.

The gym teacher (Silvia Pérez) leaves the game to go have sex with a dude.

It's all very dark, so kind of a worthless sex scene - a waste of Silvia Pérez's talents.  This film wastes so much fucking time period.  What about the campus murderer?  What about Charly's gang?  Goddamn, it's like this film is made by a distractible child.

Valeria (María Valenzuela) is the film's main character and ultimately its hero. But we hardly get to know her.

In the shower after the game, Valeria (bottom right) is cheered by the team after taking them to victory. 

Cynthia is none too happy with Valeria.

The other girl in Charly's gang (? actress).

She ends up murdered and thrown in a well.

Adriana is walking alone at night...

Charly's gang rapes her.  It's hard to see, but Charly spends most of the time slobbering on her boob.

Melissa draws Cynthia - her favorite student.

Adriana and Valeria discuss the tragic events.  Shit starts to get real.

Fernanda is dead.  The Lander Hall Institute tries to cover it up.

When Adriana gets too nosy, the director, Ermelinda Bullines (Eloísa Cañizares), comes at her with a knife.

The police arrive and fish the girls' bodie out of the well.

The students and faculty watch in horror.

Led by Valeria, the students make Cynthia call and confess her affiliation with Charly's gang.

The girls band together and string up Charly's gang.

Hot coals are dropped into their underwear.  Ouch.  THE END

Total dogshit.  I must admit, I had high hopes.  A girls' school ravaged by a slasher, with Mariana Karr and Silvia Pérez?  Sign me up - this sounds like a banger.  It does have its moments: a genuinely disturbing and tense rape at the start, two communal shower scenes, aerobics, and plentiful gratuitous nudity.... but it still isn't enough to compensate for the horrible storytelling.  As mentioned, this film would have been amazing had it stayed with the "slasher" storyline.  Instead, it meanders all over the fucking place, going down boring avenues and ultimately getting lost in the weeds.  


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