Mar 18, 2021

High School Fantasies (1974)


James Bryan directed The Dirtiest Game and Escape to Passion in 1970; true classics.  He stayed with B-movies, but from then onward it was more hit-or-miss, with several ventures into porn  before a very successful career as sound editor.  This film stars Rene Bond and is set in the 1950s. 

The homecoming dance.

Freddie (Larry Barnhouse) is a nerd who has been stood up.  The principal, Mr. Perwin (Leonard Shoemaker), gives him advice. 

Freddie is being stood up by Mary-Lou (Rene Bond) who is currently having sex with football player, Buddy (Ric Lutze).

Buddy and Moose (Tony Mazziotti) are caught doing a prank by the English teacher.

The teacher agrees to not go to the principle, but the two boys will have to have sex with her in exchange.

They have sex twenty ways from Sunday, and she wears the boys out.

Freddie is trying desperately to have sex with Mary-Lou but it just isn't working.

His technique is all wrong; Mary-Lou dumps him and jumps in another car.

She does talk to Freddie on the phone, teasing him.

Poor Freddie will have to settle for a centerfold.

Mr. Perwin tells Freddie he needs to be a man and start fucking like one.

Freddie saves Candy (Nicolle Riddell) - maybe he has a shot with her.

She meets him in an empty room, naked.

However, Candy turns out to be a bit of a freak, and Freddie can't deal with it.

Buddy is out having sex with Mary-Lou on the grass.

Buddy and Moose sell Freddie a jar of Spanish Fly to help him get lucky.  It's really just random goo in a shoe polish bottle.

Weird Deloris (April Grant) but she refuses to drink the stuff; Mary-Lou also refuses.

Buddy recommends he take it to the English teacher, and she drinks it.

He falters at first, but the teacher instructs him on how to get it done.  Was it the Spanish Fly that got the teacher aroused, or was she going to have sex regardless?  

He has sex with Polly (Cindy Taylor).  The placebo effect seems to work with Freddie, who soon becomes a super stud. Buddy has unwittingly created a monster.

After sexing up Polly, word gets out of Freddie's prowess.  Mary-Lou wants a piece of the new and improved Freddie.

Buddy has become desperate and gives Mary-Lou the Spanish Fly.  She can't drink the nasty stuff.

So, Buddy and Moose return for another round with their teacher.

This actress is the real MVP of this film.  She's uncredited, but supplies the bulk of the nudity and sex scenes, delivering some major league blow jobs. 

Freddie and Mary-Lou have sex - no Spanish Fly required.  They end up married.

A bit of a disappointment; it had all the ingredients to be a really fun flick - Rene Bond + James Bryan + an American Graffiti vibe - this should be great.  But it shits the bed.  The way the story is told is so disjointed and boring.  Other than the sexual material, the film is a total wreck... and, honestly, the sex scenes aren't the best either.  


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