Mar 3, 2021

Grad Nite (1971)


Sandy Carey could rock a pair of white patent leather go-go boots and then get down better than anyone.  She absolutely owns early seventies sexploitation.  While this film (like many of the movies in her filmography) is total garbage, it's a Sandy Carey film, and thereby must bee seen.

Okay, this first sequence I'm not even convinced is part of this movie; maybe something stuck at the beginning of this videotape.  However, it deserves inclusion for a singular reason...

These two lesbians attack a nude woman on a pool table. and look what's looming in the background.

A fucking Pong arcade game!

Tracy (Penny King) is fooling around with Cy (Pete Fisher) and tells some friends on the phone to come over to party.

Tracy tells Cy they'd better get dressed before the guests arrive.

Penny King clearly looks at the film crew/camera during this scene. Perhaps a crew member waving her to go ahead and put her panties back on.

The friends arrive, and Stick (Kris Flanagan) brings weed.

Lilly (Tricia Opal) turns up the bottle, but Jill (Sandy Carey) is a timid "good girl" who feels uncomfortable around the drugs and alcohol.

Jill asks if she can go to bedroom to be alone.

Ralph (Thad Watson) follows her to the bedroom.

Other than a few mumbled "nos", Jill doesn't seem to resist.

But it ends badly with Jill crying, saying it hurt her.

Ralph requests that Tracy go and help Jill.

She helps alright.

Stick takes Lilly to another bedroom.

Ralph and Cy join, and Lilly is thus triple-teamed. 

Stick looks for Tracy and finds her and Jill making love.

Stick requests they all get in the shower.

It's a big gross mass of bodies in this little shower, with "THE END" written on Tracy's backside. 

A pointless film if there ever was one.  There is oral sex, but no penetration.  The sex scenes are pretty awful, the story nonexistent, with nothing of interest whatsoever (other than Sandy Carey which is no small detail). 


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