Mar 10, 2021

Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977)


Sylvia Krystal took a break from the Emmanuelle movies after this film which is largely considered the weakest in the series that lasted through the seventies and eighties. This was the first movie to be released through Miramax Films.  Harvey Weinstein acquired the rights at Cannes, and it was routinely shown on late-night cable. 

Well, the film certainly starts off on the right foot with Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) providing full frontal nudity as she gets out of the bath.

Jean (Umberto Orsini) comes home and finds Emmanuelle making love to Angélique (Radiah Frye).  Pretty much a normal day.

The couple goes to stay in the Seychelles islands.

They have sex...

They stay with friends, among them Florence, played by Olga Georges-Picot who committed suicide.

Chloe (Charlotte Alexandra), daughter of Florence.

Emmanuelle, Jean, Florence and her husband gather for breakfast.

They're introduced to Grégory (Jean-Pierre Bouvier), a film director 

Chloe awakens, yawning.  She ambles to the breakfast table completely nude.

She's horrified to see a stranger in her dining room.

Charlotte Alexandra provides one helluva long, well-lit full frontal nude scene.

The scene is so long, the conversation continues and you almost forget that Charlotte Alexandra is still completely naked.

Emmanuelle strolls the Seychelles beaches with Grégory

One thing leads to another.

Clara (Sylvie Fennec) is supposedly "repressed"; there's a whole side story here that is too boring to explain.

Cécile (Caroline Laurence) joins them for dancing...

Emmanuelle and Jean make love after some jealousy back-and-forth involving Cécile and Grégory.

Grégory and Jean get into a fight.  I love this moment: Cécile is topless and the actress, Caroline Laurence, is trying real hard to look startled.

Jean loses the fight handily.

To the victor go the spoils. Grégory makes love to Emmanuelle on the beach.

Jean and Emmanuelle break up.

And that's that.  Goodbye Emmanuelle.

Well, shucks.  What a disappointment.  It's kinda sad that Sylvia Krystal had to leave the franchise on such a lame note.  This movie could not have been more boring and pointless.  I mean, we get it - the French Emmanuelle movies are about rich elites fucking in exotic locales, and not much else. You have to spice it up with great sex scenes and other crazy shit (we've seen gang rape, strippers shooting ping pong balls out of their pussies, soapy full body massages, etc.)... what did this one bring to the table?  Aside from particularly stunning postcard scenery, there's nothing remotely memorable..... except for Charlotte Alexandra's lengthy nude scene in the kitchenette. Hot damn.

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