Mar 19, 2021

From Girl to Woman (1982)

(Original Title:  De niña a mujer) A coming of age story; not a typical VZ1 flick, but it does have boobs and problematic sexual situations.  So, let's give it a look.

Montse (Elisa Ripoll) arrives from her small rural hometown to stay with her older sister, Juana (Carmen Serret).

Montse is introduced to Roberto (Joaquín Blanco) who clearly just finished banging her sister.

It becomes clear to Montse that Juana is not living the life her parents back home think she is.  Juana is a stewardess and lives a sexually free lifestyle.

Montse has two friends in her summer English class - Nuria (Begoña Martínez) and Marimar (Lola Forcada).

They're all still virgins. Marimar tells of an embarrassing encounter.

She's hot and sweaty and has to take her sweater off.  The guy thinks this is his cue, but things don't go as planned.

It's a stupid story, but we do get to see some cool records when the dude picks out which album to put on the turntable.

Montse tells her embarrassing story - when she got caught taking a piss behind a building...

A line of clergy parade up and catch her squatting.

Juana is playing backgammon with Roberto.

Montse comes home and finds them having sex.

Roberto is like, what the fuck?

So much of this film is just Montse, Nuria and Marimar having "girl talk". In this scene, the girls catch Roberto getting into a car with another woman.

What they don't understand is that Juana could care less.  She's having sex with another guy too.

Toni (Jorge Termes), Felipe (Tito Lucchetti) and Mario (Joan Gibert) - three very awkward teenage boys ask them out.  Montse invites them to her place.

The girls prepare the beverages and snacks with care.

Montse is very disappointed to find that Marimar had to bring her two younger brothers.

Snacks and Pepsi are served.

Things couldn't be more awkward.

The guys just seem interested in the food.

Marimar makes a pathetic attempt to look sexy.

Nuria flashes some leg to no avail.

What saves the day is when Marimar's brothers get tired of playing Rubik's cube and turn the power off.

The sudden darkness gives the teenagers enough boldness to start fooling around.  But when the lights come back on, it's even more awkward than before.  Montse falls off the couch, straightens her skirt and awkwardly calls it a day.

Juana tells Montse a rather disturbing story.

When she was younger back in their hometown, she was basically raped by this creep.

Ah, her first sexual experience. She seems to get aroused just thinking about it.

Indeed the camera zooms in on her caressing herself.

The girls talk to Miss Taylor (Rebeca Romer).

Miss Taylor tells a highly inappropriate story of a sexual encounter...

Her car broke down and she was assisted by a cyclist (Josep Lluís Fonoll)

She joins him under the car.

The close quarters gets them frisky and they fool around.

The three girls have had enough - it's time to get sexy.  So, they dress up in short skirts for an evening out at a club.

Goddammit, so much of this film is "girl talk". Unbearable.

The film takes a brief weird turn.  A couple old men who live in the apartment building are invited in.  Marimar wasn't wearing her glasses, and didn't realize the men were fat old perverts.

One guy puts his hand on Marimar's knee.

Montse is horrified when the other guy makes his move.

The girls play a trick on the guys, telling them to go in the other room to get undressed.  They steal their clothes.  Tee-hee-hee.

Out to the club.

The girls get flirted with by gross, sweaty older men.

The next day, they tell how their evening went. More girl talk. THE END

This movie clearly was not aimed at my demographic; it feels like a pre-teen paperback, like a Judy Blume story.  And yet, we have Carmen Serret's boobs on several occasions.  So, I'm confused. For what it was - the film succeeds in capturing the awkwardness of these years, with Elisa Ripoll reminding me of a Kristy McNichol.


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