Mar 10, 2021

Forever Emmanuelle (1976)


Technically not part of the Emmanuelle canon as it was originally called "Laure" and bore no connection to the earlier films.  However, it was rebranded as "Forever Emmanuelle" and does exhibit a lot of the hallmarks of Emmanuelle films, namely exotic locations, an almost religious approach to free love, and, of course, a central female who constantly has sex.

Laure (Annie Belle) is the film's central character. Interestingly, the role of Laure was meant to go to Linda Lovelace.  According to her autobiography, she declined because the role required explicit sex.  What in the ever lovin' fuck? Belle is probably best known for her role in House on the Edge of the Park (1980).

In a crowded taxi, Laure has to sit on another passenger's lap - Nicola (Al Cliver

Also on the taxi is Professor Gualtier Morgan (Orso Maria Guerrini) who will be giving a speech at the Manila  institute.

The professor basically has two wives: Natalie Morgan (Michele Starck) his "real" wife, the blonde, and Myrte (Emmanuelle Arsan). Note that Arsan is the real Emmanuelle.  Her husband Louis-Jacques Rollet-Andriane is generally regarded as the anonymous author who published the book.

Professor Morgan delivers his presentation on the Mara tribe, who live on a remote island and have an annual festival of rebirth in which they forget who they are and begin again.

Laure operates the AV equipment.  An important job.

Laure goes out on the town with Nicola and he says, "I'm not sure I like your skirt.  It's too long."

Laure responds by literally removing her dress - revealing she has no panites on... and proceeds to walk around town basically bottomless. WTF?

As she walks down the city streets, a crowd of men begin to accumulate around her, as she's basically flashing bush with every step.

They go to a shop and are served tea.  The young waitress is stunned at the view before her...

Back at the institute, the various tourists discuss the Mara tribe and all manner of stupid primitive-free-love bullshit.

Nicola gets frisky with Laure.

They're interrupted by the professor and his wife Natalie.  More annoying banter about the Mara tribe and the philosophy of free and open love. Blah-blah-blah.

Nicola and Laure resume their lovemaking by the pool.

There is this ridiculous scene where they pull a house-boat down the river.  It takes forever and is utterly pointless.

What isn't pointless is bathing.  And that's precisely what Laure does.

Laure's parents run the institute.

Professor Morgan and his two wives.

Natalie gets pleasured by Myrte. 

The camera slowly pans out from Michele Starck's bush.

Natalie and Myrte are giddy with their new unconventional lifestyle of sharing Professor Morgan and being sexually free.

Speaking of Professor Morgan, he's currently alone with Laure.

A good drinking game would be to take a drink every time Laure flashes someone her bush.  You'll be hammered.  That's her signature move.

In the other room, Nicola is getting intimate with Myrte.

The group travels up the river to get closer to the fabled Mara tribe.

Laure flashes their guide her bush.  Take a drink.

After a long journey, they have finally made it to the Mara tribe's domain.

Their festival of rebirth begins.

Laure is taken in.

She's reborn. THE END

The plentiful nudity was great and all, but it's a shame that you have to sit through so much psuedo-philosophical drivel to get there.  There's a side story involving a rich lady named Dolly that is unbearably boring.  That all being said, it does have its moments. For instance, Laure's trek through downtown Manila wearing only a shirt with no panties was quite memorable. 

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