Mar 14, 2021

Emmanuelle's Perfume (1993)


Okay, I promise this is the last of the '93 Emmanuelle series. They're odd enough to intrigue me with George Lazenby and Sylvia Kristel as a couple old farts on a plane, while a "Young Emmanuelle" has the power of Tibetan sex magic.  

Once again, George Lazenby and Sylvia Kristel are two old geezers telling stories.

"Old Emmanuelle" describes a story where she, as Young Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein) using the Tibetan youth super-powers, travelled to Cannes.

Upon a rich movie producer's request, she arrives at his Cannes hotel room.

She can see through an open door that he's busy shagging Ellen (Caroline Laurence).

 Caroline Laurence appeared in several other "legit" Emmanuelle movies such as Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977)

The producer has a job for Emmanuelle - to convince a writer named Sam to come out to Cannes.  His work has been adapted to film, but he's avoiding publicity on an island retreat.  

Emmanuelle travels to the island and finds Sam humping a woman.  She imagines the gal being humped is herself.

Sam's parents are on the island.  They find Emmanuelle's magic perfume of youth.  His old crotchety mother is restored to her youth.  She convinces her old husband to do the same.

Sam's mother (Cécile Fleury) and father instantly decide to make the most of it and have sex.

Later, Sam's father finds his son's writings....

The writings are autobiographical and depict parents who aren't very understanding.  For shame.

Sam's parents reveal that they are young again.  Sam is surprisingly accepting of this.  The way people in these '93 Emmanuelle movies easily accept supernatural shit like this is insane.

Sam's parents go with Sam to Cannes, posing as his younger relatives.

Sam is smitten by the maid, Melanie (Julie McLaughlin

Sam's girlfriend Holland (Myriam Nedellec) sees the way he looks at her and does not like it.

Holland is abusive to Melanie - clearly upset that she is the object of Sam's attention.

That evening, Emmanuelle implements her Tibetan sex magic.

Her soul enters Melanie's body.

Sam is in the midst of having sex with Holland, when Emmanuelle magically appears at his bedside.  Only he can see her; Holland cannot.

Holland is confused, wondering who Sam is talking to.

Emmanuelle tells Sam that he needs to come forward with his love for Melanie.

Sam agrees and tells Holland to get lost.

Princess Bernadette (Dorothée Picard)

Holland finds love with this decadent princess, and soon forgets all about Sam.

Melanie and Sam make love and are soon married.

Time passes, their love grows cold. Melanie requests the help of Emmanuelle.  

Emmanuelle uses her Tiben sex-magic perfume.

Melanie is transformed into a blonde hottie who they will call Kat (Catherine Guittoneau).

Melanie is excited to be Kat for one night.

She hits on Sam (who obviously doesn't know Kat is Melanie).

They have sex.

Afterwards, Sam feels a bit down about having sex in his marital bed.  

For some reason, Melanie feels he's passed the test and their marriage is now back on track.

They have sex.

Oh, and there's this Lethal Weapon 3 billboard. 

The stories to these '93 Emmanuelle movies are just awful, and everyone always seems so wooden.  Yet, they are gorgeous to look at, with tons of hot ladies in the buff; plus, these films have an element of weirdness (via the Tibetan sex magic) that ups the interest level as well.

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