Mar 15, 2021

Emmanuelle, Queen of Sados (1980)


Technically not a proper Emmanuelle movie, as Gemser's character is named Emmanuella (the "Emmanuelle" title was only added for certain releases); however, it is no less sleazy.

Emmanuella Brindisi (Laura Gemser) is having sex with Mario Infanti (Haris Tryfonas)

I have to say, this among the rawest sex scenes I've seen Laura Gemser perform.

After sex, Emmanuella reaches for an envelope.  I love that it's sitting next to the Linda Lovelace book.

So, now we get to the plot: Emmanuella is paying Mario to kill her husband.

Why is she wanting to kill him?  Throughout the film we see this flashback repeated.  It's depicted as if a nightmare, with a nude woman (who we'll learn the identity of later) and...

Emmanuella is wrestled to the floor in front of her husband.

It's not quite clear what Brindisi (Pantelis Agelopou) does to Emmanuella, but it looks like he pounds her with a garden tool.

Their daughter, Livia Brindisi (Livia Russo), witnesses it.  She screams and faints.

Back to present day, and Emmanuella is riding a horse naked through the ocean (!)

Mr. Brindisi is flying overhead, waves to Emmanuella below, then his plane crashes.  Clearly, this is the work of the assassin Mario.

Livia goes with her mother to Cyprus to attend to the family business now that Mr. Brindisi is dead.

Mario is also on the plane; he hooks up with a woman (Anda Vartholomeou).

Mario is very much like the Max Cady character in Cape Fear - like the Big Bad Wolf who slyly gets close to Little Red Riding Hood, Livia.

They arrive in Cyprus.

Mario and the woman.

The Brindisi business is oranges.

Robert (Gordon Mitchell) and Ilona (Nadia Neri), who work in the Brindisi orange factory, are concerned with the arrival of Emmanuella.

We find that Ilona was the nude woman in the flashback...

Robert is the one holding Emmanuella down.

Emmanuella gets dressed and talks with Livia in the shower.  There is a long full frontal shower scene here featuring Livia Russo. Since Russo looks so young and her birthdate has never been conclusively established, it's been rumored that she's underage (around 14).  I personally don't buy that, as I can't imagine how this film would have received such clean new releases which include her nude scenes if they were this problematic. However, I guess you don't know for sure, so I'll refrain from showing the shower scene.

At the disco, Livia dances up on a stage.

Director Ilias Mylonakos definitely doesn't shy away from sexualizing Livia Russo, giving her several nude scenes and pointing the camera up her dress as she boogies to the disco track.... which shows The Village People up on the screen, but the music playing isn't YMCA.  I suspect it originally was, but for the latest release, they had avoid copyright violation.

Livia meets a young local boy named Mike (Vagelis Vartan).

Emmanuella visits the orange plan and treats Robert and Ilona like shit.

Robert swears to Ilona that he's going to get that bitch.

Mario, with rose in his mouth, is creepily stalking Livia.

Mario meets the woman from the plane (Anda Vartholomeou).at the bar.

They go back to her place where she cooks naked.

Might as well do some laundry while your'e at it.

The whole time, her eggs on the stove sizzle and burn.  I'm a bit too neurotic to enjoy this sex scene as I kept hoping Anda Vartholomeou would take a second to get those damn eggs off the burner!

Livia waves to Mike who has come to pick her up.

They get romantic on the beach.

Emmanuella gets to know Tommy Snow (Gabriele Tinti) a business associate of her late husband.  He secretly suspects that she had something to do with his airplane "accident".

They have sex on a lion skin rug.

Mario pays a visit to Ilona.

He knows that she has been snooping, and wants to ensure the truth of Brindisi's plane crash doesn't see the light of day.

He repeatedly shoves her head in the toilet to get her to confess that Robert is also involved in uncovering the truth.

Then they have sex (!)

Emmanuella asks Ilona about the visitor, but she is evasive.

Gratuitous nudity abounds.

Tommy takes Emmanuella and Livia to see ancient archaeological sites.

You get the sense that a new, happy family is blooming... but not with Mario out there...

Mario catches Ilona snooping around his apartment.

He has sex with her; I can't quite tell if this is a rape.

Nadia Neri provides some explicit views during this sex scene.

Things are happy for Livia and Emmanuella.  Their new life in Cyprus has turned out great.  Of course, this means something bad is about to happen.

Mario grabs Livia as she walks alone in the ancient ruins.

An incredibly brutal and long rape scene; among the hardest to watch I've ever seen.  Mario rapes Livia until she's unconscious and leaves her for dead. 

Livia eventually wakes up and returns to Emmanuella.

Emmanuella meets Mario and shoots him dead.  It's revealed that everyone (Tommy, Robert, Ilona, Mike and Livia) are all present.  It's assumed they will keep this matter secret, thus tying up the last loose end of her husband's murder, and freeing everyone to start again anew.

Incredibly dark and sleazy, the way a grindhouse picture of this variety needs to be.  Yes, the pacing is terrible, but the film is so uncompromisingly trashy, that you can't help but love it.  

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